Reflections On Christ And His New Dance (4)

In retrospect, I realised that my real punishment was not the sanction, but the self-imposed withdrawal from my father. I lost communion with the only man in my life at the time because I could not reconcile a man's love with his discipline.


Reflections On Christ And His New Dance (3)

That sort of fear is peculiar because with it, all you get is what you fear. When God said no man could see Him and live, it was not because He was willing to kill, but because the make-up of man now included a fear that would indeed warrant a striking down, for that fear was impure and unholy, and did not come from a true understanding of who God is. it was from a perverted understanding of the person of God. That was clearly iniquity. That kind of fear does not behold God.

Reflections On Christ And His New Dance (1)

The Old Testament reveals a deep problem of the human heart: it was desperately wicked. There was no love in it. After the fall of man in the garden, it had become a loveless, lustful, proud and self-seeking heart. Pleasing God could never come easy to that heart... But God, unchanging as always, looked down in love, and sent us a saviour, Jesus Christ. By His great Grace, we are recipients of the most elaborate gift of all: new hearts. Hearts capable of love, and of loving in the manner of God. Self-less love.