#NoteToSelf: Unhand Her, Boy

Boy,  I've written this a hundred times over in my head. Where do I start from?  Yes. Here: UNHAND HER!  It is so sad how quickly you have forgotten who you are, and who your Father is. And you have taken over control of your own body to use it as you please. You're such... Continue Reading →


Abimbola Ojenike, Happy Birthday

When there is a gulf between you and your objective, you turn back because humanly speaking, there's really nothing much you can do. But Abimbola is there drawing plans for a bridge

You may be called to light up a thousand. Some times, just one. But make sure that you turn on the switch on that light, and beam it out there in full force.  It is your whole duty to shine the light. 

You Are My Colour

Surrendered is all I am And You are my colour In a world where it's all gone grey And you are my joy In the sorrows of letting go You are the sole music to my soul My heart's desires melting Receiving yours with a cry that pierces the soul But with the piercing comes... Continue Reading →

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