Hyper Grace?

A Call To The Remnant

I went along this Sunday to a service where I knew the preacher was and has been preaching on what we would call ” hyper grace.” It is always good to hear first hand and living in Kansas, we have every kind of church here so one can check out these teaching’s for one’s self. Listening to the sermon, I was reminded of an analogy given by Tozer I believe. He talked about a man of God who loved God and studied His Word all of his life and mined the depths of it and always pursued a deeper more intimate walk with the Lord. Near his death in old age, he proclaimed that the more he knew about God, the less he knew about God. Just how vast and ultimately unknowable He was to us mere mortals in this flesh, although He fills our minds and our hearts and…

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Reflections On Christ And His New Dance (6)

Today we hear "Come to Jesus and He'll give you all the stuff". Back then, it seemed more to me like "Drop all the stuff and come to Jesus". I mean, look at every single disciple He invited to join Him. They were all dropping stuff. And I just always wondered what exactly was it with Jesus that could compel full-grown men to abandon everything they ever knew to follow a man they never knew.

Reflections On Christ And His New Dance (5)

All in all, surrendering to Jesus is not an easy human feat. It does not follow any human logic we have, and totally defies all intellect. But the moment you are able to think besides yourself for a little while, and think about the end of it all, this life I mean, you will see the relevancy and admissibility of Jesus Christ. It only requires that you become "ordinary".