Time Machine

We came in early tonight Earlier than previous nights Our brief hug devoid of emotions Setting aside our nightly devotions We parted ways like birds take flight The sadness, like a potion Tears apart the cords that once held us Melting the connect that ignited our motion Making me feel like a confused Ahasuerus Can […]

Blessedness of Handicaps

The current trend in the body of Christ most certainly does not favour a positive approach to impediments and handicaps. In fact, you most probably will feel less Christian if you fall sick, or get diagnosed with cancer, or you have an accident and an arm has to go, or you lose your job, or […]

Love Is More Than Enough

All over the Bible, we see how love is described as the loftiest of virtues, and as the most valuable character trait to pursue. And in there I began to understand that love is not what you feel when your hormones are running Need For Speed over a fine young lady.