NYSC Straw On My Camel Back

I'm Christian. I'll let Nigeria do this to me. Let me be hard done by. It is not every day I get an opportunity to be cheated out of my rights. It is not every day I have the opportunity to feel really really deprived. It is not every day I will get the opportunity to be cheated. So, I will use this as a springboard, and a learning place. Let me learn forbearance, and forgiveness. Let me grow my character as a Christian. Let me grow in virtue.


A June Rant

I think the greatest problem Nigeria has is a Christian population that is extremely selfish. We are like salt refusing to melt into the soup to give it taste. We are like a light that wants to give light inward. We are like a city of refuge that offers no refuge at all. We are a burnt offering that wants to eat itself as barbecue and not offer itself as paschal lambs to those who need it. We do not give anymore. We are the takers. And our christianity is a contradiction to Christianity