One Danger of Reputation

A fundamental truth to a growing reputation is that it is so easy to confess our sins to God, but our reputation rarely allows us to be vulnerable to our brothers and sisters. Because they have such high hopes and expectations, we don't want to fail them. So we keep our failings to ourselves, blocking off godly help because it makes us lose our "charm".


Reflections On Christ And His New Dance (5)

All in all, surrendering to Jesus is not an easy human feat. It does not follow any human logic we have, and totally defies all intellect. But the moment you are able to think besides yourself for a little while, and think about the end of it all, this life I mean, you will see the relevancy and admissibility of Jesus Christ. It only requires that you become "ordinary".

Bachelor Meals, And Doing Things Right And Better At Work

I mean, in these years before I have my better half in my house and we are doing things together, my greatest shock has been the amount of energy expended in the kitchen. By the time I was done slicing and cutting and frying and stirring and blowing and draining, my back felt like I had a Dangote truck on my shoulders. I almost lost my appetite, but the devil failed. I will eat the fruit of my labour, thanks.

Happy Birthday Korede and Happy Not-So-New Year!

When we become Christians, we initially go on trying to make God proud by doing what we feel will make Him happy and proud of us. We really want to do things for Him! In reality however, God called us to do things for us. I mean, everything in the walk with Christ betters us and improves us. And our improvement makes God proud! Essentially, a real father is happy when a son does something for him, but he becomes proud of that son when the dude does well for himself.