#NoteToSelf – Brace Yourself, And Be Still

Is it the way she walks and talks, the way her dresses fall perfectly on her gorgeous curvatures? Is it the desire in her eyes, the one that moves your "inner man" the way the turning stick handles the eba?


My Sweet Tooth Had A Dagger In My Heart

I didn't think of it this way before, but I realised that even in our Christian walk, Christ seems to be the most maligned choice. No human chooses Christ easily, even though He is the healthiest choice. The mere fact that His living water does not tingle our taste buds mean we rather go for the sweetness of other things, and then come for a bath later.

NYSC Straw On My Camel Back

I'm Christian. I'll let Nigeria do this to me. Let me be hard done by. It is not every day I get an opportunity to be cheated out of my rights. It is not every day I have the opportunity to feel really really deprived. It is not every day I will get the opportunity to be cheated. So, I will use this as a springboard, and a learning place. Let me learn forbearance, and forgiveness. Let me grow my character as a Christian. Let me grow in virtue.

Bachelor Meals, And Doing Things Right And Better At Work

I mean, in these years before I have my better half in my house and we are doing things together, my greatest shock has been the amount of energy expended in the kitchen. By the time I was done slicing and cutting and frying and stirring and blowing and draining, my back felt like I had a Dangote truck on my shoulders. I almost lost my appetite, but the devil failed. I will eat the fruit of my labour, thanks.