In Search Of Perfect Days

God is far more concerned about keeping his side of the bargain, than in watching how you keep yours. In fact, He will help you keep yours if you let him.


Note To Self: Focus On What Matters

Do not be deceived by the pervasive talk of "finding your destiny" or "waiting to know your calling". It is crazy. We do not wait for the voice of God to go to work each week day, or to do the regular things like brush our teeth and put on clothes when going outside...

Interesting Miracles

Even though we are united we are body parts, each with his function. You need different tools to clean each other properly, just like your body. You would not use a pumice stone on your scalp, or a nail-cutter to clean out your nose.

Ká bí Ọ́ ò sí

The God of Israel, God of all creations, and Father of Lights, is fast becoming the genie of our individual lamps, one who exists to do our bidding, ones we have couched in words called prayer, words that are pretentious efforts to sound like an appeal, humble appeals even, but are truly just proud directives.


Once in a while, I read a resounding call to attend to my country. As a deeply Christian man, my country’s issues are a primary concern. They move my heart. And when I see someone equally pained trying to articulate a solution, I feel the kinship. I loved reading this piece by my sister (yes, blood stuff) and I think you should read it too.


I sat on my bed hoping the light would come; it was flashed earlier. My devices were low on juice and the thought of making use of the generator gave no joy – it had been over utilized and fuel no longer cheap. There was a time we purchased fuel by the litre. Now we had to purchase by the Naira. Seemed to me like officials of Power Holding Company could see me from their office. They could see my desperation. I had literally prayed that the light would come on (that kind of thing).

About 30 minutes later, it did and I heard kids screaming. I imagined them dancing at the sight of the light, but I was pained. I felt my heart fall into pieces when I remembered that there was a time I did the same– danced around, screamed and jumped whenever PHCN restored power. This was…

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