#NoteToSelf – Brace Yourself, And Be Still

Young man,

This is not the time to lose control of your members and go on a frolic. That you have seen what is a priceless gem does not mean losing your brain. Remember, no farmer at the sign of a green field with harvestable crops runs of into the field jubilating like an idiot. He might damage the crops. Rather, he meticulously plans his harvest, with precision, that no single crop may be lost.

Even though he is hit with a wave of emotions, he is careful. So you too, brace yourself. And let your spirit control your body. Let your senses be subject to reason, and your faculties, to leadership.

The fact that she is the happiest thing in the world is not something to lose your head over. She keeps you in pristine condition, and treats you like fine vintage wine. Yes. Be fine, vintage wine. Not some bubbly soda in a pressurised can ready to let loose at the slightest.

You want her to see you are good. Be good. Be you. Don’t force it, and shove it in her face. That will probably be the only bad thing she will find, and it will be enough.

Never hide how you feel. This way, you won’t miss your bus. But let her know, and understand, that you are not a forceful passenger. You only board when journeys are agreeable to both parties, and she is a willing companion.

Look my man. The journey is more important than the companion. There is no crime in arriving alone. But often, God allows us to come in pairs. He’s been pairing since the days of Noah. Even, since Adam. So let the journey never leave your sight. Even though she seems the best companion, do not rush in. Make sure she wants this journey too, and drill yourself as a good guide.


The Journey

All these your emotions scattered all over the place like your Year One room. Pick them up. Nothing is more silly than a man who is like a boy. Grow up. Appreciate your emotions, but don’t let them trip you and make you fall from the lofty standards of discipline we worked together to set.

Why are you falling my hand this way?

Is it because of the way she adores you? Have you lost it because her submission and respect are almost guaranteed?

Or is it the way she walks and talks, the way her dresses fall perfectly on her gorgeous curvatures? Is it the desire in her eyes, the one that moves your “inner man” the way the turning stick handles the eba?

Is it the way you connect in ways you never knew connections could even exist? Is it how you can be a child again with her, and just be free, with no care in the world?

Oh, you just love the way she holds you tenderly when you need it, her soothing and calm voice that rests the rage on days your mind is scattered. The same voice that is now scattering your mind.

Who will calm you now?


She is lovely, a beautiful rose buoyant in her throne bush, growing gracious in the midst of her imperfections.

She is the real deal. 

And you have been hit with a wave of emotions.

Young man!

Brace yourself. Do not fall like a pack of cards. Stand tall. That is the true romance her kind wants.

Your schoolboy days are over. This is your chance to put the “groom” in you to the test.


Only a husbandman becomes a husband in the end. That is the true man.


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