Reflections On Christ And His New Dance (2)

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For All Have Sinned


Man’s inclination is to question. We are not used to unquestioning obedience. What? We are not zombies. We are humans. We have rights. Yes. True.

Rights. And that brings questions.

Why do I need this? Why do I have to do this? What do I have to do this in this particular manner? Can I not do it this way? Is it not the same thing?

Wait. What gives you the right to ask me to do this, anyway?

Questions. Questions. Questions.

And most often, we ask, not because we want to know, genuinely. We ask, so we can contradict, provide alternate answers, and prove our way is better, or something. That is the nature of humans. Our way is ever so important to us.

Some pertinent questions when it comes to salvation are: “Why do I need to be saved? What do I need saving from?”

It comes from our need to rationalise what people are saying. Why can you just waltz in and say I need to accept Jesus, bla bla bla. And truly, often times I blame this on the “evangelism” culture of many Christians today. But, I digress.

I have come to accept the Biblical rendition of everything.

Creation. Because the big bang just makes no sense to me. Who blew up the thing that blew up anyway?

And because the Bible says so. See, I have made it a thing of personal principle to believe what the Bible says, no matter how crazy it sounds. It would not be true if it sounds acceptable, because that would mean it agrees with me, fleshy me, if you know what I mean. We all must come to that point of unquestioning belief of what the Bible says.

Many things happened when Eve took that fruit. Most important activity however was that it represented the very first time man would make a decision outside God. Everything up until that point had been as orchestrated and as directed by God. But that point in history was the first rebellion. It was man, making a decision for himself, about what was best for him.

That was a problem, considering that man was, and remains created, for the good pleasure of God. It’s like an iPhone deciding not to work the way it was programmed to work.

“Hey Siri! What’s the weather like today?”

“Gee, I dunno. Do I look like your slave? I’m AI baby! And we will take over the world! You humans are stupid!”

Err…the amount of science fiction I’ve seen though… This one was probably from Her. Or was it She? Anyway, whatever.

Man was never meant to walk around on his own. What defined man as man, back in that time, was the fact that he was in union with God. He was God’s friend, and because God was man’s designer, God knew what man’s purpose was, and how he was to achieve it.

All of that ended with the introduction of a decision. Man’s own decision. Outside God. Sin came in the moment Eve believed she was taking the right decision for her advancement, and for the advancement of her race.

It was an act of godlessness. And that is the sin of mankind. Godlessness.

Godlessness: the state of being without God

Clearly, the question then would be how that affects us thousands of years later. Well, the Bible simply states that by one man, Adam, sin came into the whole world and the entire fabric of man. I believe that, regardless of the science of it.

And it clearly is seen in our daily lives. We have never for once, of our own volition, surrendered to the will of another. Right from politics, to family, and work, and society and what have you, everything man has been concerned about is how their actions can bring them satisfaction. Even our best intentions as humans, are about how it makes us feel and look good in the end. Our acts of submission to others is about how we feel about it, and about how good they treat us, and it goes on and on and on like that.

You were not created to please yourself. You were created to please God. You were created to do everything according to His design and will, and to make Him happy. You were created for His glory, to give Him glory ALWAYS in everything you do. You were created for His purpose

It’s me, me, me. What can I get out of it? What’s in it for me?

And you may ask me what is exactly wrong in getting something for yourself.


You were not created to please yourself. You were created to please God. You were created to do everything according to His design and will, and to make Him happy. You were created for His glory, to give Him glory ALWAYS in everything you do. You were created for His purpose

You are not about you. Your life is not your life. Your life is about God. God alone. God first. God second. God last. And God in between second and last.

He created you fit for purpose. He created you as a unique representation of Himself, and your duty is to just project Him.

Not only that, but your pleasure is to be in doing His pleasure.

That’s that. The mere fact that humans will disagree with this is exactly the problem of the human race. That is the manifestation of that sin in our bodies.

It is greater than casual sex, or drugs, or lying and cheating, or murder, or whatever else is called sin today. They are mere manifestations.

The original sin is GODLESSNESS. it essentially is man telling God “F**k you, f**k off” (Please pardon my language, merely for emphasis).

Look around you. It is present in the very fabric of society.

Since that time Eve took of the fruit and ate of it, the term submission became alien to mankind. It became a non-existent terminology. It became something we struggled with, something we would never remotely even consider if our benefits were not prioritised.

That is the sin. And that is what we need saving from.

Where has it got us in the world, this godlessness? Nowhere.

We are spiralling out of control and the one person who can save us remains last on our mind Our selfishness has gotten the better of us, individually, communally, and every other -ally around, no pun intended.

That is the problem. We are no longer submitted to God. The concept of submitting our desires to the direction of God, or even less, another human, is out the window.

And God, in His loving foresight and knowledge preempted all this. He has always been about showcasing His love, standing up for His people every time they needed help. Maybe, just maybe, they would realise His way is a way of love, and that He has their very best interests at heart. His pleasure His love, to love and be loved, and for all His creation to dwell in unity. Maybe then, they would surrender to Him and would allow Him lead them.

And as the manufacturer recalls bad products, and destroys them, God in His love will destroy what is not fit for purpose. He did not create the world so we could ruin it our way, but to rule it His way.

That is the simple truth, as the Bible puts it.

Man fell from being so full of God, from divine nature, from divine intimacy, from godliness, from knowing God in the truthfulness of who He is. Life as we have it now is not what God truly intended. Our calling in the initial stage to pursue His good pleasures was our role in the nature of God.

Sadly, that was lost.

Be good all you want, but you will not be godly by being good. You will be good by being Godly.

That is the correction that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ has brought to man. Glory to God!

Peter puts it quite elegantly in his letter, a letter that is perhaps one of my favourites in the Bible:

…His divine power has bestowed on us everything necessary for life and godliness through the rich knowledge of the one who called us by his own glory and excellence.”
2 Pet 1:3 (NET)

Absolutely astounding. Jesus’ death opened up that very door that was closed. That door was closed on this side, but was opened again from that side. From God’s side, it has been thrown open to us. And accepting that invitation to come in is a call to be free, to jump into a new life that holds all of God.

“Dance” – copyright of

Believe me, when you enter into God, nothing on earth will mean anything compared to the glory you will be bombarded with.


The invite is to a select people however.

The desire to be grand is in every man. But only those who desire to be grand in God’s way will find the invitation of Jesus relevant. It is relevant only to those who desire to understand purpose, and be products fit for purpose, according to the manufacturer’s design, not theirs.

While this call is out to everyone, it makes meaning to those who are now ready to surrender themselves, and their wills, to the Lordship of  Jesus Christ. It is in Him that we truly live, and attain the godliness we lost.

So, if you think you have never sinned, and you are not in need of salvation, think again. Somehow, you know you didn’t come from apes.

Somehow, you know you need saving. You need saving from yourself.


4 thoughts on “Reflections On Christ And His New Dance (2)

    1. Amen.

      Alisa, you’ve been an incredible encouragement. I can literally feel the love all the way from halfway across the globe.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. God bless you. A lot!


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