My Sweet Tooth Had A Dagger In My Heart

I don’t know if it’s just a sweet tooth. I probably have 32 of them.

I definitely have a drinking problem.

Coke, Fanta, Pepsi, Sprite, Mirinda. Name it. And the chocolates and cookies. Let’s not go there, really.

This is not a planned post, but I just have to do this. Forgive the scattered nature it will probably take.

I have a drinking problem. I can have as much as 2.5 litres of carbonated soft drinks in a day. The weather here doesn’t even help matters. And it seems they have a strategy to sell more, these Katsina people. So they cool the soft drinks and “warm” the water. And you know, when you’re really parched in the throat, warm water doesn’t help.

Copyright of The Coca-Cola Company

I’m not trying to be melodramatic, but my sugar intake is so high there’s a possibilty you’ll taste the sugar in my blood. I don’t think any mosquito likes sugar that much. Probably why they come to me less on some days. I’m not certain.

My cleanest period was last year when UC told me to take a water break. Thirty days, I drank just water alone.

Guess what? I did not die. Matter of fact, I looked fresher and I felt healthier.

But my sweet tooth… My sweet teeth, they didn’t give two hoots. They just went back to work right after my thirty day sabbatical. I tried to stay off, because I had her prying eyes on me most of the time. So I indulged them just once a while. Few times. As soon as I got some room however, I was back full-time to my addiction. No time.

Earlier this year when madam would crave Fanta, I always got a bottle for myself. I would finish first,  of course. Then, I would finish hers. Of course, she wouldn’t release it without a fight. But then, I’m kinda charming. Kinda. All her protests about wanting children in the future, meet my cute smug look and the bottle is mine.

I definitely want to have children. I just didn’t come round to stopping. I mean, it has been so difficult picking water ahead of those brightly coloured sweet things.

But yesterday came. Yesterday. And I seem to actually really truly see the reality:

My sweet tooth had a dagger in my heart.

Yesterday, after three bottles (two were gifts), I was drunk on sugar and high as Everest.

Maybe it was the heat, or the sugar was just being tricky, but I clearly heard a voice telling me that I was killing myself. It was clear.

You are killing yourself.

I rebuffed this instantly. Back in UNILAG, I clearly told people that I was not afraid of getting diabetes or any such thing. I had faith, I told them, and I believed that I couldn’t have any issues from taking all the soft drinks I ever wanted. I was free from all infirmities, you know.

“Seyi, you’re taking too much sugar”

“I’m not taking sugar. I’m taking Sprite”

Clearly, I was not free from stupidity and irresponsibility. 

And yesterday, I actually got down to listening to the only person who could get through to me on this subject.


I didn’t think of it this way before, but I realised that even in our Christian walk, Christ seems to be the most maligned choice. No human chooses Christ easily, even though He is the healthiest choice. The mere fact that His living water does not tingle our taste buds mean we rather go for the sweetness of other things, and then come for a bath later.

And that is true with my life. On any day, I purchase water last. I’d rather spend more on soft drinks than buy water which is relatively cheaper.And then, I end up needing water for practically everything. To cook. Bathe. Flush the toilet after the sweets send me there.

You know, it’s just weird.

And in our Christian walk, we claim we know Jesus but just end up doing the things we want. It’s like what God says in Jeremiah 2:

“Stand in shock, heavens, at what you see! Throw up your hands in disbelief – this can’t be!”

God’s Decree.

“My people have committed a compound sin; they’ve walked out on me, the fountain of fresh flowing waters, and then dug cisterns – cisterns that leak; cisterns that are no better than sieves”

v. 13 (MSG)

That’s me right there. Saying yes to soft drinks, and no to water.

That’s me.

I’m just saying yes to unwholesome talk, and stupid actions, and the stupid choices. Saying yes to all my own desires, and turning against the direction of God.

That’s me weighing options and deciding against God.

I’ve become so comfortable in my “God-loves-me” lifestyle that I literally rub my butts in His face all the time, choosing more expensive but never-lasting desires. And then I can come back and hug and kiss him and sing slow songs, with tears in my eyes. Who am I deceiving?

That’s why I can just take so much sugar with reckless abandon, and then go back and pray for good health. I mean, He’s all powerful and all that. But really, I feel like an idiot o.

It’s odd how I can just take so many destructive things into my system, and still expect to be healthy. Makes no sense. Isn’t that what happens when we allow ourself one or two tiny desires and still expect that in the long run, we will be Jesus’ favourites, and He’ll just kiss our foreheads and play dumb.

We want to carry on with our actions, but be forever saved from their consequences, even when we know our actions are wrong.

I can’t do that no more. I can’t die.

I want to get married. I want the joy of holding my first child in my hands, praying all through the night, thanking God in the darkness and solitude of my closet. When I saw a scene like that in War Room, I cried. I want that so badly. The tiny life I helped bring forth, oooh gosh.

I cannot miss that.

And many more joys.

I want to preach again. I want to travel. I want to see snow. Not Jos snow. Real snow. Canada. Alaska. Russia!

I don’t want to die. Please God, I really don’t want to die.

So no more unnecessary sugar. No more.

I have a two liter jug of water that I must finish every day. Now that I’m back to my senses, water makes too much sense even.

Sugar? I don’t even have sugar right now. And I’m adjusting my budget ASAP. No soft drink allowance for me agan. Yeah, I had soft drink allowance. It’s my money naaa.

I have read the beautiful effects water has on the human body. And I know what it means to be in good health. It is a great thing. Imagine the disaster if I were to die now. Jesus!

Don’t imagine.

So, yes.

More water. Less sugar.

And best believe I will be reporting to you all. You are all now my sugar-confessors.

Come to think of it, it is easier to make good choices when you really believe and accept how healthy they make you. It is the same with our spiritual living.

I’m off to take more water. Adios!


Please pray for me really. I don’t want to die young.



10 thoughts on “My Sweet Tooth Had A Dagger In My Heart

  1. Hi, my name is Femi and I have a sweet tooth.

    P. S. Dear Lord, is this you giving me another sign? But you do know I can’t do without gum, I’ll go bonkers 😭😭😭

    P. S. S. There should be a rehab for sugar lovers😞


  2. Anonymous

    Seyi you’ve addressed more than sugar addiction here… You’ve spoken right into the heart of addictions that we young ones struggle with, from pornography to masturbation, incest sexual promiscuity, drug addiction and the whole lot… While yet maintaining that we love the lord, we practically as you succinctly put it, “rub our buts in his face,……and yeah me too, fat as I am, also a sweet tooth… Alongside my other addictions, I say no more, never again….let the angels of God hear and put me to work on this….


  3. Joe

    Truly Shey, this words speak to deeper things than sugar addiction (even though sugar addiction is fast becoming a huge problem). We claim we love God yet we are ensnared by many things. I want to ask: can God allow a problem (like a bad habit) persist in someone’s life because he wants the person to learn something?


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