Bachelor Meals, And Doing Things Right And Better At Work

I love being independent.

My mother rarely sees me at home, because I have the belief that young men should leave the nest and go get a life, quite simply. The consciousness that I still have a room in my father’s house has not helped me so well, seeing I could have really been motivated to take more chances in my life. But then, maybe I have tried a little bit.

Living away from home is not exactly a bed of roses. I have enjoyed little of it so far, because I simply cannot afford to be lazy anymore. And that includes how I get to eat. Very pampered me, my biggest kitchen activity while at home was to do the dishes. Nothing more. Everything else was less, like blending, or slicing, or cutting, or even putting the kettle on.

And then at The Destiny Trust, I tried my hands at cooking in some instances when I needed to. Thankfully, no one died or fell ill. I got a few compliments even.

But now, it is something I have to do regularly, cooking. I mean, in these years before I have my better half in my house and we are doing things together, my greatest shock has been the amount of energy expended in the kitchen. By the time I was done slicing and cutting and frying and stirring and blowing and draining, my back felt like I had a Dangote truck on my shoulders. I almost lost my appetite, but the devil failed. I will eat the fruit of my labour, thanks.

I cannot die please, so since I cannot be doing this everyday, even though I enjoy variety, I make sure whatever I’m cooking is much. All I will start doing is return, warm the food, and eat. It will not kill me, biko. That way, I can reduce elaborate cooking to once in two days, or even three days.

Besides, I have plenty of yam, and since it is just to boil (or fry), I will keep doing that an using palm oil. Let me live. That is how to rock cooking as a bachelor trying to build a law career. However, if you have better ideas for me, you can drop comments and I may reconsider. Thank you.

In other news, I actually have a reason or two to be happy with myself. Of course, I landed my egg-rice safely, last night. UC showed me how to do it, and even though mine didn’t taste as well as hers, I am extremely proud of myself. But with my new policy, I won’t try any thing new till next week. Yes, that is partly because we will probably be paid by then. Boys are broke abeg.

This week, I drafted a contract agreement for my boss. He gave me a precedent to follow, but I felt I could and should make it better. I mean, down to the formatting, the precedent was not something I could look at twice and append my name at the bottom. So I tried to do a better job.

My boss was blown away. He still said it today.

That has made me happy this week. And I’m actually even happier because my boss didn’t hide the fact that I wrote the agreement from his boss. So I got commendation from my boss’ boss. And for that I’m grateful to my boss, even though that got me extra work from another boss of my boss (welcome to civil service; every one, except you, is a boss).

WOW! This just happened. Weird, how you have someone on your mind and you really mean to call that person, but you keep deferring till the person now calls you. And you are just zoned out and shocked… Sucks.

Okay, so back to work. I want it to be said of me when I leave here, that I did better than was expected. It is not encouraging, these circumstances, but if there is anything I’ve learnt over the years, it is the sweetness you have on the inside when you beat all odds and raise the standard in your establishment. That’s all I’m about these days.


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