Àgùbánirò | First Entry

December 11 2016
13:06 HRS

It is actually a difficult thing to be loyal to Nigeria. That is a fact, arising from the manner in which the leadership has thrown the populace into utter calamity.

Being mobilised for the NYSC programme was never on my bucket list of things to do before I die, despite my belief that I am deeply patriotic. But I got to the point where I really began to question my commitment to God in the area of honouring my nation and the law. If it is deemed compulsory for graduates to be mobilised for the NYSC, will it not be disobedience not to comply, as a Christian? It was food for thought for me, and I decided I would surrender to the authority of the government in this matter, after law school.

I am writing this series, Àgùbánirò, for the duration of my service year. My primary purpose is to encourage myself, and maybe others, to truly see service to the country and obedience to constituted authority as an avenue to honour and worship God. This service is regardless of how favourable it is, or how dire my circumstances may be.

I will share the pain and the pleasure, the sweet and the bitter, the bad, the ugly, the undesirable, and my struggle to maintain Christian sanity in the midst of much craziness.

This series is not in support of the NYSC programme. I have reservations about the implementation and many other things. In fact, I believe the programme may not survive me.

In all, despite the many things I have seen in the last three weeks, I have decided to honour God, and take every circumstance as an opportunity for Him to glorify Himself in me.

And it is not a question of whether good can come out of Katsina State (yes, I’m serving in the North and I’m not redeploying). It’s a question of how much of God I’m going to learn in this phase of my life.

That is all that matters. God is the totality of goodness.

Olúsèyí Máfolábòmí


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