#TheMondayPost | Respite

I have been sleeping a lot lately. It seems I must not even get a glimpse of a bed or anything that looks a tad comfortable, chairs and tables inclusive. When I do, it’s sleep straight. And it is sweet. This morning after my regular morning “rituals”, I had a few minutes to chat with the kids, and off again. I slept.

Do not worry, sleeping is not the main reason I am writing this post. But if you have a way to help my pretty self get back to being extra active, please share. Thanks!

So here I am, done with law school. Done, because there is no way I am going back there. Apart from the fact that I am very certain that God has given me the victory over it, come October 14, I am certain it will be a race between good and excellent, not fair and poor. That is how much I trust God. So, yes, I am done with law school. It is so good to be back, even though I miss being in the school setting.

School in the last year afforded me great opportunities. Most important was that I was able to serve God in a familiar way again; CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP. I joined CLASFON in Abuja and as much as I tried to remain in the choir alone, other calls came and I ended up in the midst of the Bible scholars, again. I cannot tell you how good my unit members made leadership look. It felt so so so easy. I cannot even start on the amazing friendships that began there, friends I will have for a lifetime. I also had the opportunity to share a room with a total stranger. Maybe he remains a stranger still, but I cannot deny how much of love and tolerance God taught me in the few months I had to share F126 with Stanislaus. Though I may never understand him, I am still happy about the experience. I miss the choir. Ah, the choir, one real source of blessing to me. But I will keep it at that.

Right now, I just want to enjoy this respite and recount how much God has been good to me, before I run off into another phase.

First, that I overcame the fear of school. I got into the University of Lagos as one of the best students from Igbobi College. Too many people expected too much from me and I hate pressure. Hate. Plus, when I was hit with the quite unfriendly system of university education education in Nigeria, I just caved in. I stopped attending classes and only did last minute readings to get my Cs and Ds and Es. There were Fs too and I piled them all up. When I got saved, I decided to do better. My grades improved but it was a little too late to avoid the extra year. The annoyance over missing scripts caused me to voluntarily add another extra year of my own volition. Stupid.

So when in May, my mom and my boss got on my neck over going beyond an LL.B, I was really scared. The academic inferiority that had built up in the two years after UniLag kicked in and the fear of failure haunted me. I felt like I would go there and not know or understand anything there. Besides, I would be out of work and it would be crazy trying to fend for myself and get the things I would need for school promptly.

But thank God. Thank God! I loved law school more than the university. I understood and loved the courses, the lecturers and the lectures, the management, everything! Goodness, it was like my brain just reopened and I was just over the moon at the end of every week. And from the beginning of my sojourn there, God provided for me in miraculous ways, till the very end. And my heart is really at rest over the outcome of the examinations.

Second, I can feel again and I have friends. One of the statements I made to Dunsin was that I was sure that no one would like me in law school. I am pretty much a recluse, selectively extroverted, shy, and extremely blunt. That means it is very hard to make friends, or to be friends with anyone (whichever way it is). I don’t even know how it happened. From the choir, to the Bible study unit and even in class generally, it was like God touched my friendnerve and I met awesome people. Introversion became the recessive pattern for me. I cannot really explain it. I mean, I made so many awesome friends and met a lot of people that I already decided to write about them here (so watch out!).

Third, I can write again. All of the goodness of law school was marred by the long hours of lectures, group meetings, study and other activities. Where school did not keep me busy, fellowship did. My HOD in the choir is a singaholic meaning we had rehearsals before rehearsals before the final rehearsals before the ministrations. Writing was on my mind a whole lot, but I could not help it. My last beautiful post was in November, at the start of law school. I was forced to watch my blog stats slump in the last few months. It is good to be back here and every other place where I write. It is really good.

So there is peace in my heart. I feel larger than life. The small victories God has given me in the last year have really encouraged to stand firm and be confident, not in myself, but in my God and His Spirit at work in me. And I just want to say a big thank you to God. He has been awesome. And I am really grateful for how He has shown me how much He loves me. I only wish to have more opportunities to broadcast that love to the world.

Thank you for reading. I feel really sleepy now. And I really should enjoy the moment. So if you want to help me become active and sleep less, please keep that advice to yourself for now, on second thought. Maybe this is sleep time.

Peace y’all.


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