#DearDare | Rep God, Everywhere

Dear Dare,

I have tried to be strong and mature about this. I’ve postured my heart to believe that it is all for the best, your leaving. It is indeed for the best. But you know, the mind does not always agree with the heart, or whatever.

I miss you.

It will be the first time you’re not here to receive me from my many travels. I’m finding it hard to get other people to work for me the way you used to handle my work. And…so many other things.

But enough about me. I wonder how you must feel being in a strange land, and your uncle is far away. I know in your heart, you’re asking God shy you left a place of plenty to a region where you’re unsure of tomorrow. You’re definitely wondering why God is punishing you with this move.

We’ll, God is not punishing you. You first need to understand that He loves you and even though it might not seem like it, He is Good and all His plans for you are of good and never of evil. See it as the road do the house. You know how bad that road is? Yeah, but we face it every time because we know the house is a good place to go, and no bad road can stop us! Yass!!! But that road is really bad though… 😕

I want you to look cursorily at your life, your deeds and the things we have taught you while you were with us. This is a time for recalibration and for introspection. Introspection is one of my favourite words. Anyway it means taking one look at yourself and all your thoughts and actions and whatever. Decide if you’ve been right or wrong. Decide to do away with the wrong and persist with the right. See the Bible as your lifestyle guide, because it is, and let it guide your heart.

You’re not a kid anymore. You are now with responsibilities and the first and most important one is to use this new environment as a lighthouse to showcase yourself as a child of God. Live a life worthy of emulation in all situations. You may not have your family with you but, son, you have a God. The God. And you have got to rep him everywhere.

Let it be your goal to win over the little kids, and your peers, to a lifestyle that is good and just. That how you will make real impact.

In a strange land, choose the life of separation unto God. Be a Daniel in Babylon, a Joseph in Egypt. A Jesus on the Earth.

Live like that, and you’ll see how you’ll become home for many others.

I love you very much. Try not to be too mushy about this. Man up and shed the childish nature. Make us proud.

Your Uncle.


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