#1000HelpingHands | Second Installment

Faithless me in 2014, with an enrolment plan before us and no money in sight, I faltered and wondered how God would help us with the schooling of 100 kids. I was angry at my boss for having such a lofty dream without an existing financial framework.

The idea of 1000 Helping Hands was God’s answer to my faithlessness and with the help of well meaning Nigerians, we were able to sleep at the end of 2014. Job almost well done. 😋

Needless to say, my faith was revitalised and I trusted God for bigger things. I’m all the better for that! Halleluyah.

Two years down the line, and our operations at The Destiny Trust have expanded greatly. The more God helps us to help kids, the more we want God to help us to help kids. There are so many out there, and we want to reach as many as we can.

Hence the second installment of 1000 Helping Hands…

Rather than a one-off thing this year, we want more stable partners. There is indeed strength in numbers and where a lot of people give very little, it becomes a whole lot. So we want our stable partners to give N1000 or about $4 each every month for at least the next 12 months, starting this September. Oh yeah, that will turn up to be quite a sum, somewhat, and it means The Trust can help more kids. This infograph will help you put things in perspective


Sorry, not that.




You may wonder what we are doing, or why we are doing what we are doing, but at The Destiny Trust, we don’t wait for change to come from the stars or wherever. We believe God has empowered us to be lights in our little spheres of influence and we want to be bearers of hope for the poor and needy children. We will do everything to pull them up and at par with their privileged counterparts. In the long run, our society will be better for it. We don’t wait. We act!

So, don’t wonder how your N1000 or $4 a month can make a difference. It will.

Apart from making your donations monthly, you can go a step further and help us talk to your friends. You may not realise, but if you’re able to get two people to commit every day, it means in a month you would have helped bring 60 people into the family, and that’s a whooping N60,000 or $240 a month from your friends. Imagine if 999 others do the same thing. We will surpass our target and do even bigger things.

In any case, you should join us and help make the world a better place for children. Check out the payment information below. There’s definitely one that is suitable for you.

And I know they always say not to wait till you’re rich enough, but I say you’re already rich enough. You just worry too much about your salt being enough salt. Salt is salt.

Okay, you don’t get. Forget. Just donate.


Payment information:

1. https://paystack.com/pay/1000Hands (With this you can sign up to be  debited N1,000 every month, after the initial payment)

 2.  https://paystack.com/pay/destinytrust

3. https://www.gofundme.com/2mrwfyc (for y’all outside Nigeria)

Direct transfer or cash payment:
 The Destiny Trust Projects
GT Bank Plc,

One thought on “#1000HelpingHands | Second Installment

  1. Doris

    Wowwww….this is just Awesome….#1000 Helping hands will definitely expand beyond Expectations… Galatians 6:9…keep doing good there’s definitely an inevitable reward. I love this vision.


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