#WordsOfWisdom | Wholehearted Service

One of life’s deepest pains is unrewarded work and effort- when people give their best into a cause and feel unjustly treated. To be rightfully rewarded and remunerated for the labour of your hands is a great joy.

However mans system is rid with injustice. Many carry this hurt in their hearts. They feel and most rightfully so, that what they’ve been rewarded with is far below the efforts they’ve put in. This should be differentiated from an entitlement mentality which is an evil thing.

The scriptures speak to this issue. Examples of this abounds in scriptures, best of all being Jacob and Laban.
As painful as it may be, always remember that Mercy is the game changer not your salary. However, in the administration of this Mercy, God has to be just. Mercy is not an irresponsible show of compassion. As such, this injustice is created so that God can justly move in with the rain of His mercy on your life. 

Never complain. Serve wholeheartedly. Own the business. Don’t resign. When Hagar left angrily because of how she was treated, the angel asked her to go back. Jacob stayed with Laban even though his salary had been changed ten times.
Remember that your reward is with the Lord. Then return to God in prayer and ask that God Himself rewards your work. Remember that God pays big time.
Please meditate on Isaiah 49:4

“Then I said, I have laboured in vain,I have spent my strength for nought, and in vain:yet surely my judgment is with the Lord,
and my work with my God.”

Ayo Ajani
Senior Pastor, Petra Christian Centre


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