#NoteToSelf | Be Diligent

Young man,

You better not pay any heed to all those people who say it is never about hard work but smart work. They make you think that hard work is limited to bricklaying or carpentry or both or even more. And then you begin to look for “smart work”. What does that even mean?

The future belongs to those who pay the dues today.

And forget it. Hard is not a bad thing.

Do not fall into deception like the many young men today who want just fast money and fas cars. Fast money, Fast cars. All equal a beautiful babe. Or babes. And babies. And slow father, and slower money. And a crash. And kpeme. Okay, let me not be so dramatic. Just know that life is not all about that.

Why am I preaching to you?

Look at your performance level this week. It took you two hours to read something you would ordinarily read in thirty minutes. You were busy chatting on the side and constantly losing concentration. You ate about fourteen meals this week. Fourteen! You have nothing really to show that you deserve the food. You just ate. Look how many times you work up at 5am this week. You appear to have forgotten that you wake up at 4am. And you just drag yourself out of bed looking for something to do different from what is on your plate. You can imagine your lack of coordination this week; starting too many things and not giving any your full attention to even go halfway. Now you have many things to do and you are wondering where to start from.

You are not sparing time to read and gain more knowledge. You used to read a lot before! Now you’re just sitting and doing the needful. The needful.

Extraordinary people do not do only what they need to do; they do far beyond what they need to do. That is what makes them extraordinary!

And your Bible…

Your Bible only came out this week on Sunday morning. Oh no, you did not even try to read up on the smartphone either. Stupid man, forming too busy or too tired. Thank God He is not tired of you. This week, He has been the only one working on this relationship. You got to invest in this relationship bro. It is the only thing that will totally redefine and reshape your life for now and for all of eternity.

So wake up, young man. Smell the roses, yes. But wake up. You are too brilliant to waste away.

Close up on God and feel Him draw you nearer. Be diligent in your pursuit of Him. Be diligent in your work. Work. Work hard. Be wise, not just smart. Be prudent with time. Make the sacrifice now.

Remember you will head your home. Do the job of building up a man that your wife will easily submit to as she worships God for you, and children that will look up to you and see God in a man. God in a smart, hardworking man who is diligent and dignified in labour.

Now stop gawking at this screen and get to work!


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