A June Rant

It has been pretty hard for me to write anything in recent times. Not a single “thanks” to being in law school. Law school is cumbersome and undelightfully tedious, with heavy workloads for no just cause. I mean, the workload is baseless and discloses no cause of action. Should be dismissed outright. Why should we study and memorise a bunch of stuff that we do not need to memorise? Seriously, even forms and precedents are available for everyone to access. The teaching is laboured and uninspiring. Just rote. No innovation, and while our wonderful lecturers try to make it all interesting for us, it is obvious that it is all just an endless regurgitation of rules and laws and manners and traditions. Our legal education has not come unstuck just yet.

It is annoying.

Then I think I got really cocky over time. I just felt like I could pick Phillip up and start writing again. I thought that because I had done it over and over and over again, I could just do it over and over and over again. So in May, I picked up Phillip, and while I was grateful to God for Phillip (Phillip is my new Android tab, with a detachable keyboard, awesome for writing, and an answer to a prayer request), I sort of believed I could do it.

Needless to say, I wrote nothing. Ended up deleting so many things. Too many things.

And when I realised where I had gone wrong, pride had led me disastrous paths and it took some breaking down to head back to my source, for reconciliation. He never left. I just felt I knew enough to dispense with Him for some things that should come “naturally”. How often we do that to The Gentleman Holy Spirit. We only get the best when we realise that He is extremely interested in the silliest issues of our lives and that He is extremely joyful and willing to help when we invite Him to lead us in all things. All things.

Lesson learnt now, and I hope that I will continue to follow His lead.

Bar exams are in less than three months. Yours truly is not reading like he is expected to. I am not afraid though, because that is the real failure. So while I try to do the needful in the little way I can, I struggle to ensure that fear does not creep in at anytime. I cannot afford that at all. Indeed, God did not give anyone the spirit of fear.

So lately, I have been pondering on work ethic and why my country Nigeria seems to be failing. I realise that it is the easiest thing to see the wrong in the society and be dissatisfied. That pushes us to prayer. My country most probably has the largest gatherings of Christians weekly. That is besides the regular monthly programmes of the big (and even the small churches) that attract millions and millions of people. There are particular days I cannot travel to see my mother because I just might end up spending the night on the road. I see the fact that many Christians want things to change, but I wonder if they think they have a role to play in any of that.

Some Christians are the most lackadaisical people alive. So self-righteous, they do no more than required in their places of work. They go to work late, see nothing wrong in covering up “a little lie”, assist others to defraud their companies just to get a little profit, which they justify by saying that their boss is wicked or something. The same people who handle many various areas in the country, no matter how little, are praying for change to happen, yet Monday morning, they approach lazily and without any enthusiasm, and let things slip through the crack severally. They find it easy for their companies to lose productivity while they laze around, simply because “it is not their fault”. There is no social responsibility, so things are going bad all around yet they do not lend a hand in fixing things. Heck, they do not even do their own work well, to the best of their ability.

I am so annoyed, I a cannot even put my thoughts together coherently. I have just seen a lot of people who claim to be Christians do far less than they can really do. They want explosive blessings but do not put in their best and explosive efforts to work. Why not? Why not?!

What exactly are we called to do if we, as Christians, put all the responsibility of change on our government and leaders? I mean, those people have so many things wrong as well. They probably have everything wrong even. But is that really not beside the point? I ask myself all the time, “am I a blessing to this nation, or just another part of the problem?”. We crave better things, but the we make life better for the people around us, especially at work? Do they know us for a work ethic that is a trailblazer and not a lazetrailer? When we wake up each morning, do we consider how a little bit of effort, a little bit of selflessness, of love and kindness, can change the workplace, or the meeting, or the little homeless guy on the street corner? DO we consider that if we think less of ourselves and passionately do what we do, it will mean something different? Someone different?

DO you consider that as a Christian, you are the Jesus in your workplace? That you are to do work as unto the Lord means you take away every atom of self that gets in the way of your work. Your laziness is out of the way. Your cranky boss is out of the way. Your lazy colleagues are out of the way. A minute salary is out of the way. Everything is out! Only God is left. And that is who you work for.

If your work were to be graded by God Himself (which is the truth anyway), how would you fare? Are you doing your work well?

Are you working for the Father?!

Because if you are not, and you are not doing your work as the Lord would have you do it in His service, then I think you have absolutely no right to approach God to change the situation of things. I think you have no right to go to church and condemn pastors or take to social media to criticise politicians who are not doing their work well. I think it is extreme hypocrisy that Christians feel they can take things easy and be lackadaisical at work, not changing anything as small as a needle, not being the salt in their places of work, and not being joyful in the little they find to do and actually endeavouring to do it well, yet they can come lift up “holy” hands to worship God. Hands that do no work! Hands attached to minds that think the work of the Lord is preaching and singing only.

Gosh! I am tired.

I think the greatest problem Nigeria has is a Christian population that is extremely selfish. We are like salt refusing to melt into the soup to give it taste. We are like a light that wants to give light inward. We are like a city of refuge that offers no refuge at all. We are a burnt offering that wants to eat itself as barbecue and not offer itself as paschal lambs to those who need it.

We do not give anymore.

We are the takers. And our christianity is a contradiction to Christianity.

God help us. But can we just turn around, and be the offering? Can we be selfless? Can we offer our discomforts in our place of service as offerings to the Lord, and do the work like God really employed us?

Because He really did, and He wants the best from you regardless of your circumstances. He wants you to lay down all your rights and concentrate on him alone, so that you will to get in the way of the blessing He wants you to be to others, whether they know it or not.

Please, turn.


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