The Problem With Critical Christianity

Reading this post, I couldn’t help but be happy to see at least one other person toeing the path of love. Today, Christians want to impress their beliefs upon people so much and appear rather lofty and perfect by looking down at others and making them feel unworthy.


God is God of all creations. He loves all the people, including the gay people and the liars and the thieves and the drug-addicts and the masturbators and the prostitutes and the corrupt leaders and the pornographers and all the like and whatever. My verdict? If the God of the universe loves everybody; the one who is most hurt by our sins (note “our”) isn’t hurling rocks at us and staying away from us in this dispensation, but is rather still looking for ways to show his goodness to us, who are we, exactly, not to love.

Get out of your judgmental mindsets. Leave justice to God. Be a vessel conveying love to everyone in need of it, and show the real “Jesusness”, living a life of love and tolerance.


I’m going to begin this with something that might shock you: I am a Christian and I am not boycotting Target.

Lately, it seems that the most “God-centered” posts on my newsfeed are straight pride memes, racist attitudes in the name of Christianity from people claiming their token black friend, and articles about how Beyonce is the “Pagan Goddess of Secular America”.

Somehow, today’s Christians have gotten so caught up in standing against things that they forgot the single most important thing they are called to stand for: LOVE.

When we “boldly” declare that we refuse to do business, live among, or even speak to those who hold differing beliefs than us, we are not only acting in the exact opposite manner Jesus instructed us to (out of hate instead of love), but we are passing up an incredible opportunity to show the face of Jesus to those who may…

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