All In My Mind

In my mind, I live in a perfect world and associate with brethren in a perfect church.

In my mind, nothing can ever go wrong. There’s no bitterness in a brother’s heart and my sisters don’t gossip. We are the perfect Christian family.

In my mind, people never fall away. They come to Jesus for Jesus. They love Him and it’s never about the things he can give us. There’s no sin and there’s no work of the flesh.

In my mind, we learn to live godly lives. The people we teach never fail to learn. They learn and they are perfect. When you’re not there, they do even better and carry on living your teaching.

In my mind, men respect women and little girls are not molested. It is not about being a gentleman. It is beyond, more like being the God that earns the submission of godly women.

In my mind, adults are responsible and children are respectful and adorable. We take care of one another and the new generation can only get better.

In my mind, people are selfless and all they do is help other people. They love other people and they give to them even when it affects them adversely. It’s love till the very end.

In my mind, so so many things are perfect, wonderful and Edeny.

But then, isn’t it all just in my mind?

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