The Fading Church II

Note: “They” herein means “We”.

When the salt does not taste like salt anymore, I don’t know what happens because my culinary skills aren’t exceptional at all. Okay, I don’t even have culinary skills.

Thing is, what happens when the salt that is supposed to melt into world and give it taste decided not to melt and give taste anymore?

I feel this is the prevailing custom among Christians again. According to Tozer, the way we are the Christian solution has been so watered down that if it were medicine it would heal no one, and if it were poison no one would be killed*. This situation is disturbing for me and sometimes I find myself guilty of it.

The Church, the bride of Christ, is lusting after world! Over the centuries we have become unhappy at being separate and sanctified that in our bid to win people over we have compromised on many issues just so we can have more people come into our buildings, help our budget and join our band or whatever we do today in our buildings. To keep that crowd, our leaders have watered down the true message of the Gospel and gone on to several things.

Churches are now a place of entertainment, inspiration, motivation and other -ments and -tions. We do a lot of activities that are attractive just so we can keep people coming.

And they come.

And they leave.

They are excited with what has been told them. But they never receive the undiluted Word of God. They go home with their lives in the balance, claiming to love God without really loving Him.

What have we done with The Word? In our bid to outnumber the other building we have given people what they want to hear just so we can keep the crowd. And this crowd is not salting the earth neither is it lighting up world.

We have mixed our salt with white sand for the sake of inducement and now we are unable to understand why lives are not changing in the way God wants them to change and why revival is not happening and so on. They are not pursuing after righteousness and seeking to grow in the love of God.

They are not walking victorious over the sin that easily traps them. Rather, they have walked comfortable with the companion sins while placing huge demands on God because the gospel they received that God sent Jesus to make life easy and successful and whatever.

Oh how we have missed the total crux of it all and we have failed to see that the end is supposed to be love from a pure heart, a good conscience and faith unfeigned.

Today, we are no longer concerned with being a pleasing sacrifice unto God. Rather we want Him to be an all-encompassing sacrifice for the provision of all our needs.

Where are we headed as a body in Christ? Because the way we are now, we are not on the same journey Jesus was on.

I’m tired.


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