I See The Light

Tell me
When will this darkness pass
Please tell me

It’s heavy and all around
I see nothing
I can hear the voices
Within and without
They whisper

They whisper dust
And gust. Lots of lust
Deep words that tear me apart

They whisper oppression
And depression. Senseless obsession
Fatal faults of mine and theirs

They whisper
That I am the darkness
That I am the prince of it
They say
There’s no escape
Nowhere to run to
All around me is darkness

I weep. I drop
To my knees
I cry out. My voice is not heard
It is
But it is not
I scream. My voice
It is swallowed
By the darkness.

But there is warmth. This
Warmth I cannot explain
From my belly up
It’s surging forward
And upward
Up and up it comes

I cannot hold it back
Not anymore
I open my mouth
And I hear the voice
One I cannot comprehend
It is loud and rambling
But with it is light

A strange light
Spewing forth from
My mouth. This one
I do not understand

But I can only laugh
Even in the midst of the voice
The voice that is now the light
I rise. I rise from my knees
I am strong.
I am powerful
I see The Light
And the darkness is fading

I can hear my voice
It is my voice
But I am not the one speaking
For I do not understand

The voice speaks mysteries.
These mysteries
That produce light
That calls forth The Light.

I am free at last.

Yours truly,


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