The Fading Church I

Our people are funny. Our people, the Christians. They are funny.

They have run into the church houses and fellowship centers, for succour. They camp there, night and day. Vigils upon vigils, seminars and conferences and so on.

We are in our refuge place, supposedly.

That’s funny.

Because the world is sinking and drowning in decadence. There’s poverty and disease and famine and wars and assaults and rebellions and terrorism.

Whose fault is it?

The Church. The body of Christ. The salt of the earth. The light of world. The people who have the Great Commission but are committing a great omission. They are the ones to blame.

With their condescending attitude to everything on the part of the very “holy” and the practical laxity and lackadaisical attitude of the other part. And then there’s the lukewarm ones.

Where do I start?

Our very religious brothers, who were born and bred as “saints” have built up such a wall around them, that is meant to protect them from world. The world is so bad and dirty and unrighteous, they can only grunt and look away, saying a prayer now and then for God to protect them from the “pagans” and “unholy” people. They want no association whatsoever with the “pigs” and they look forward to the day that the Lord, strong and mighty, will deliver them from this decadent generation.

This decadent generation. Consisting of humans. Humans created by God. Humans the same Lord, strong and mighty, came down to die for. Die. He died to save them. And God, with all the love in His heart for this decadent generation, is still holding back the outpouring of wrath, because He wants all men to be saved. All.

Where’s the burning love in our hearts? If God Almighty loves this decadent generation so much He is still condoning sin and evil just because He wants them to have the opportunity to meet the Lord, strong and mighty, who are we exactly?!  Have we really met Jesus? The same Jesus that poured out His heart in prayer day and night, for the people. The same Jesus who went about doing good for everyone, Jew and Gentile, young and old, male and female, saint and sinner? All sinners, actually. When do we love these people that make up this decadent generation? When do we go out of our way to make them happy? When do we crawl up into our secret place and genuinely weep and pray for their salvation? When?!

Can we all just get some perspective, study our Bible and look through the eyes of God. Look through the eyes of Jesus. Know now, that salt is poured into hot soup before it can give taste. And no one ever looks for grains of salt in the soup when it’s done. That’s your calling. Live your calling. Be a lover. Be selfless. This is not about you. Get the presence of God and get into the streets and pour out some presence to the needy. See how you’ll change your family, street and nation, if we all do that.

And if you want to be stuck in the church building, protecting yourself from the very evil people around you who are homosexual and prostitutes and thieves and whatever, remember the Pharisees and the priests were in the synagogue, playing holier than thou,  while their Saviour was out on the streets, riding a donkey in the midst of the decadent generation of the day.

Be the salt and like your job.

to be continued

Yours truly,


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