Speak The Word, Keep Your Opinion

Can I exhaust everything about this?

No I can’t. Can’t even attempt it.

I really just want to share on a tiny aspect of this.

The Church is probably the most disjointed organisation in all of the world. While we face persecution in all sides, we continue to see the worst of one another. Our dividers, better called denominations, point out so many ways away from the purpose of Christ’s coming.

We are so concerned, in my opinion by the mundane things that are, I believe, doctrines and opinions of our mind. Isn’t that really our selfishness? Rather than enjoin ourselves to pursue hard after God, I think we spend more time doing a lot of growth-measurement. We peruse our status and compare that to the growth of others.

We begin to turn up our minds to what people are doing “wrong” and why we seem to be doing better. I don’t use foul language so I’m better than the others. I don’t do dating, boyfriending and girlfriending or whatever so I’m just better off than the others. Can you imagine that guy? He doesn’t use a hard copy Bible! He uses his tablet. What a weak Christian!

So many many things. Many many many things.


Good grief. In the end, we just get better divided, if I can really say that. I don’t know. Can people be better divided?

Oh boy, what a rush.

But you see, first, Paul really admonished Timothy, a young budding Church leader on how to handle divisions especially by word. Expressly, he told Timothy not to consider words that were of no profit. That’s in 2 Timothy 2:14. And the reason words can be quite unprofitable is because they are to the subversion of the hearers. Those words do not build up a man’s spirit, but rather destroy them in condemnation. Our pride often times let’s us use words that do not build up others but casts them down. I think that’s because we are quite interested in showcasing how high up we are, seemingly, than bringing up our seemingly lower fellows. Are they even lower actually? Pfft.

Timothy, do not engage in profane and empty babblings for they will only bring more ungodliness. That’s verse 16 of the same chapter. Our destructive talks out of context of the Word of God lead others away from the purpose of God, and end up destroying our own souls and drives us into even more pride. That’s terrible ungodliness.

But see the purpose of our gifts in Christ. It is in Ephesians 4:11-16.

And really, people will need a good talking to, to keep them from being out of line or away from the faith. But don’t just jump up and down shouting fire and brimstone upon them. Do these:

Understand that we can only speak the truth in love. Understand that working the truth in love doesn’t mean saying harsh and destructive things in a soft tone. Understand that what it means is that you must look into the Word of God for the truth and exhort accordingly.

Remember it is the Word that is sharper than any two-edged sword. Please, it’s not your tongue. Not your opinion of right and wrong but the Word. That is what the Bible means by speaking the truth and correcting in love.

Empty babblings do not carry the weight of the Word of God, and they do not just not accomplish anything in Christ, but they rather go on to be destructive to souls.

Let the Word of God be the truth you speak, not your opinion.

Yours truly,


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