I Don’t Want To Live The Dream

Today, I feel like walking in slow motion. You know, I practiced it in my room and filled in the gaps. Devil growling behind, but I’m walking on, unperturbed. He’s growling and reaching for me, but…”can’t touch this”. Da Da da Da Da Da dumb… And I’m just walking on, adjusting my cap, looking forward. That’s suweet. Like the movies.

I did it. That’s how I feel.

Physically, I haven’t got much that people can say I should be happy about. Start counting, and the list of things I don’t have are quite much.

But today, I’m here to announce to you that I got the biggest and baddest thing in ancient and modern history of the future. I got the presence, and it’s making me whooooooooooozy with a great surge of energy.

Nigger’s broke, but Nigger’s working on a broken and contrite heart too. Oh yeah. There ain’t no food so Nigger fasts. When food finally turns up, he hungry no more.

Hell yeah, I’m happy.

And I just want the whole world to know that. I’m happy. I’m joyful. Jesus freaking loves me. God loves me. And He wants me. Me!

I’m doing that slow motion thing again. I’m walking slowly in victory. Ah ah!

Don’t mind me. Please mind me. Thus post is incoherent. But Yaga! Jesus loves me.

I got the power, I got the music and I got the strings of His heart for the season. Hmmmmmmm!

And I just want to lay it out there for the world to say. And I just want to say, the presence of God means more to me than everything else. And if I have everything else, that’s cool. But if it’s not there, GLORY!

I’m out.

Okay wait. Thing is things aren’t going so good physically. I’m stressed out with school work, there’s fellowship and unit and groups and all that. And I’m tired and I’m tired. And the devil wants me to walk defeated because I’m not living “the dream”.

All of these… All my blabbing all post long. All is just to say:

Who gives a damn about living the dream, when I got my reality right here in Jesus?!

I’m out!  Peace people. Peace on you.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Live The Dream

    1. Olúsèyí

      My sentiments exactly. We just must never get carried away by the affairs and circumstances that surround us, and recline in our Lord.


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