Strange Silence

The tears in the night
The calls to you, unanswered

The heart beats and
The goosebumps arrive
Cold tears on hot skin
In the dark corner of the room
On the bed
That is scattered
As the state of my heart


This silence is strange
For I cannot hear the love
Not anymore
It’s gone like the fading mist
Was it ever there?


You’re as the harmattan wind
Cold and dry
Your demeanor demeaning
Despite all my tears
And my calls to you

Here I am
Tired. Weak. Cold. Broken
Hungry. Despaired. Hungry
Ill. Sick. Wounded. Famished
Ravished. Lost. Torn. Burnt
Scarred. Seared
Beat. Bit by bit

Torn apart. Swallowed. Conquered
Devastated. Destroyed
Struck. Bulldozed. Eroded

I am now nothing
I am a shadow of myself

You promised hope
You promised good
You called me to greatness

I have called you
To redeem these
And you give me silence

Of all things. Silence

This silence
Is louder than

It’s deafening
And it pushes me away
Far away

This silence
It is loud

How I long
For your

For they strengthen
Than this silence
This silence that weakens

A rather strange silence


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