My God Is Awesome

I have always wondered how big God is and why he’s so big. I can’t ever understand him and I don’t think I will ever get the full extent of it, but I know He is too awesome. He is really awesome.

What am I even saying?


I can’t ever ever know Him fully. That’s not a possibility. Around the Throne are 24 elders who continually throw down their crowns in worship of The Most High God. It’s either they have a reservoir of crowns somewhere, which certainly must be inexhaustible to last from before time till after time and forever, or they keep picking the crowns back.

I doubt.

I figured God keeps crowning them with honour and glory but they have to keep casting it all away as God begins to reveal more and more of Himself. They throw it all away in worship of who God is and they count themselves of no reputation. For that, they keep getting crowned! And they keep casting crowns. Because God is just so awesome!

I mean, look at the way the Cherubs are always shouting His glory. They look down at the glory of God and just see something new. I mean, every time they look, they see something new and even more glorious. It heightens their awe and they can’t but shout His glory and praise.

Like, God is like an onion that has no end. You keep opening and tears of joy stream out.

I have a point, don’t worry.

I’ve had a strange two weeks. Everything was going the other way and I was lost in the confusion of seemingly unanswered prayers. I was desperately seeking a change to the situation that I totally forgot that God might just even have a few lessons for me.

I had given Him my life, yet I still want to call the shots and when my shots don’t get picked I get pissed off and assail God with all sorts. Characteristically He’s really quiet. He knows the end from the beginning. He sees it all, far faaaaaaaaar  beyond my sight and even my faith because there’s always more, you know?

God is “hell-bent” on getting me to be with Him in heaven. Not because heaven is fine and all but because He’s really longing for me and longing for me to long for Him. Okay. Slow down.

I’m just awed, because I have absolutely no idea what He does most of the time. My claims of unanswered prayers were actually answers to some prayers I made some time ago. How weird is that?

And we often tend to limit God by our expectations. Our lowly, mediocre, human, flesh-driven and ephemeral expectations. So when He’s doing something, we tend to think it’s the other guy simply because His acts do not fit into our expectations. That’s how it was with Mr. Job. #smh

But God is so awesome. So awesome. I know there’s so much going on, and so much He’s doing that I cannot and will probably never be able to wrap my head around, just because He’s God and I’m me.

But I know He’s awesome. He’s loving. He loves me. That’s all.

Now, you may have read this post up to this point and not get any point. It may seem like random ramblings. It is. It most probably doesn’t make sense either.

But what I’ve written, I’ve written.


8 thoughts on “My God Is Awesome

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you for re-posting this. I have to tell you. God has used you to bring me thoughts to consider since I’ve been following you. I know you bring a lot to your community through your words. May God continue to bless you!


  2. Dear Alisa

    I cannot fail to mention how much your comments mean to me. I will explain very soon. But I am extremely overwhelmed. Honestly.

    Thank you so much. Your words are indeed seasoned with grace. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome. When I began writing, I knew God was wanting to use me, and those have been my thoughts every time I have written a blog post or commented on someone else’s blog. God bless you!


  3. Cheyiiiiiiiirrr,

    We do tend to limit God with our expectations. I have simply refused to learn this, and I don’t know why. The funny thing is God just shows up and still leaves me picking my jaws from the floor.

    No kilzelz till further notice.

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