Seasoned With Grace

Two years ago exactly. I remember this so well and I’m thankful for where I am today. I’m not perfect…yet.

But I will be.

I love my brethren in the Lord and I pray to always be a voice of blessing, love and encouragement to them, always and forever.


Sometimes, I used to wonder how people felt whenever I jumped to conclusions on matters. Usually, in my zeal to show how badly they were doing as opposed to how much more they could be doing especially in their work and walk of faith, I wouldn’t even get to know what was the matter with them let alone try to understand. I would just begin to “preach at” them and in the end, they would just feel even worse. In fact, I’m certain they were always so condemned by the sound of my voice, preaching away, and they would just withdraw further. I didn’t even care about what they were going through; I just wanted things better and better they should be. I never could really understand how they felt deep down though but recently, I got a taste of it.

Recently, someone just accused me of neglecting the brethren…

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