Support The Destiny Trust

Hi guys.

For the past two years, I’ve been working with The Destiny Trust, a Lagos-Nigeria based charitable institution for the rehabilitation of street and homeless children. What The Trust does basically is to provide a proper environment for erstwhile street children to live while providing feeding, clothing and education.

Since 2012, about 200 or more kids have benefitted immensely from The Trust’s intervention and a lot if people realise now the importance of helping children out of destitution. Our education plan currently covers about 120 children in three communities in Lagos and we really want to do more.

To help us access greater funding that will increase our capacity to help mire children, our friend Ify is in the Samsung Picture Your Dream palmselfie contest. Her unique dream is to support The Destiny Trust in funding the rehabilitation and education of destitute children in Nigeria. If she wins, Samsung will support her dream and it means there’s hope for a whole lot of children still in the streets today.

You can make that dream come true.

In just 45 seconds, you can vote Ify’s dream in this contest and help her win. All you have time do is visit and vote for IFY using your Facebook account and your Twitter account.

Please click here to vote.

You’ll be done in 45 seconds.

Thanks. And have a lovely day (or night).


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