Where’s The Humanity of Humans?

I think animals are more caring than humans. The next time someone talks about the innate humanity of humans, their care and love, I will most probably smack him across the face with a bamboo piece.

Let’s not talk about the long history of wars among nations or the terrible slaughters and massacres of innocent people through the years, from the dark ages to the light ages (?) or whenever. Let’s not talk about pogroms and genocides and murders and treasons and tyrannies and colonialism and all of that. Serious serious human to human cruelty and wickedness, yet I don’t want to go too far.

Let’s look at the hungry children in the world not blogged while Nigerian politicians are richer than countries. Let’s talk about the millions of dollars being exchanged for useless projects that benefit no one but are just a show of strong delusions and detachment from the realities of life. Let’s talk about people living alone in large houses that cannot even contain their ego still, when right outside their houses are homeless people, destitute and all. I mean, great and indecent inhumanity when you just turn away from the street kids pursuing your cars and endangering their lives for just the N20 or N50 you will toss at them on your happiest day. Nonsense.

And someone tells me humans are good!

The painful one, the young ones of this generation. So interested in the latest fashion fads and idiosyncrasies they are rather oblivious to anything that is not about their body or cantankerous aspirations. They only want to carve their beards and use Brazilian foundation and goat hair (or vice-versa), land a dream job with less work so they have tine for Africa Magic and pursuing some Kardashian nonsense, as if those ones are running and need to be caught up with (I don’t get), and more than enough pay to fuel illicit and depraved desires.

Their contribution to society is a mash-up of stupidity, depravity, silliness, immorality and gross decadence in all aspects of life. They are just so out of touch!

And someone will come to say humans are innately good and one tin one tin… Shior!

Only God is good and the only good that qualifies as good is from God. In fact, and in truth indeed, if you claim to have God, you must be good. If not, your quality as a person belonging to God MUST be questioned.

And human standards of goodness is just so stupid and warped, enclothed in the principle of take care of yourself first then whatever is left can be for other, but just a little of it, just so you can be called a philanthropist. Nonsense!

What happened to goodness? What happened to fighting and crying out against injustice and funding the cause and plight of those that seek it? When did you become senseless that you would rush all over to get a degree and just come out expecting society to contribute to you pocket development and haircuts, when there are many things you can engage and contribute to society?

Oh I get. All of that time in school when organising barbecue parties and dinner events were of more importance to you than the use of your supposed education and rumoured intelligence for the emancipation of people in the bonds of social injustice and government ineptitude. What a waste. You’re still looking for golden fleece. You surely must think the world revolves around you.

So many things all around that could write your name on minds and the times, you are busy chasing frivolous aspirations in grandiose ideas if yourself.

That’s just foolishness.

Get out of your reverie! Get out there and be the change people need.

Get God and be good! And help those in need. For in that you will find d your true nature as a human and a child of God.

That’s the gospel! Leave yourself and live for others. That’s what it takes to really be human and carry humanity.

You truly live when you live for others. Amen.

I hope I have made sense.


5 thoughts on “Where’s The Humanity of Humans?

      1. It’s been written and it will come to pass. Our refuge is Jesus and our mission, not to be discouraged by the evil and continue in the struggled to overcome evil with good. These are hard times but things will be so much better on the other side.

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