It’s my 200th post.

I remember how I was demoralised on my very first blog by a Christian brother who felt I should keep my mouth shut and my hands in my pocket because he believed I had no grave for writing and more importantly because I was delving into mysteries (I was dead in my confusion at that) and I wasn’t writing like his pastor. Like his pastor. He came close to calling my writings heretic.

He is someone I still respect even today. I deleted the blog and was so deep in guilt for my “sin”. I was in condemnation for many months and didn’t even dare to write anything. Writing lecture notes was even hard.

Until Christ made me aware of who He is and brought me into a better understanding. I received grace to open this blog and start writing again.

This blog has been primarily for me and me (almost) alone. It is filled with my rambling thoughts and my puny little understanding of God and His Word. I don’t claim to be accurate and most exciting but I just write the way I see it. When I go wrong, the Lord helps me by bringing me back to His feet to concentrate on the One Thing that matters the most. Here’s to my number one fan, Jesus Christ and to my accomplice, the Holy Spirit. And to my Father who has just been regulatory in His fatherliness. Thank you big guy. BIG GUY!!!

Oh yeah… *yawns* I thank you guys too. You all read and comment once in a while. Yeah, you try.

Anyway, I thank myself. This of course is my blog and it is mine as God wants it. Look up at the address bar. You see my name. Look at the name of the blog. It’s my name. Hahahahaha. 😈

I thank myself.

So, anyway, my personal appraisal aside (please don’t hate), I know my blog needs structuring. No, I need restructuring. My content is now so much more yet none appears because to me management is not really one of my strong points. Stuffing work and study and parenting into one big head like mine is quite demanding. I apologise to myself for not writing.

You don’t deserve an apology from me 😛😜😝

But the Lord is on my side. And I think I’m going to become better at this by His grace.

Okay, thank you all, really, for the encouragement on all sides. I suck as a writer, but you guys love me nonetheless. Yeah you do.

I love you too.

And to those of you who got reblogged by me, it was not really so much about your amazing blog posts that threw more light on the Word and enlightened me and gave me a good laugh and all and all, as it was about me adding more posts to my blog. That’s why I made 200 right?

Well, you know the truth.

With love,

O. M.


4 thoughts on “200

  1. Only listen to critiques by those who care and support you. Some people believe they are called to criticize and straighten other people out. If we listen to them, we encourage them in their sin and nothing would ever get done. If you open up to say anything, there is someone who will criticize so…write for Jesus. Even if no one reads it, you will be drawn closer to him. Don’t be discouraged, look up!:0)

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  2. Here’s something you can count on. When you’ve posted your 20,000th post, you’re being re-blogged on every continent, and when leaders are using your name when they talk about the “wisdom of God”, that same brother will come up to you and say, “I always knew God was going to use you in a dynamic way!” That’s just the way some people are.

    In Acts 28:1-6, when Paul was shipwrecked on the isle of Malta, the locals just “knew” what was going on with him. They saw his chains, they saw the soldiers keep a close eye on him, and the ship that he was on was destroyed. When he put a bundle of sticks on the fire, and an extremely venomous snake sank it’s fangs into him and held on, until Paul shook it off into the fire, they had the complete picture. Obviously, Paul was some evil murderer who even though he had survived the shipwreck, yet justice had caught up with him and would now make him pay for him being so evil. They had the whole picture. They had him all figured out.

    Well, after they watched him for a while, and he didn’t appear to even have been bitten, they changed their minds and said he was a “god”. People! You got to love them. It’s not optional and it’s not always easy.

    With Love, Cincinnati Christian
    (Cincinnati_christian@yahoo.com or Facebook at Cincinnati Christian Blog)

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  3. Thanks for following Virtual Vitamins. The important thing is always to be focused on the Lord, in expectant humility, and then be faithful to share what He speaks to/through you. Remember, He’ll never contradict His Word.

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