I have missed you. My heart aches for you
With all the distractions of writing unwordpressable words
In pages and pages of Word for people who do not like my words
I had thought only of you

My hands longed to touch you alone
To bring you to me and press my words into you
For I have been hard-pressed for you

Hard-pressed to write the words
That have burned in my heart
For you
That they might be impressed upon you
For them that love you too
And His words even more

Forgive me. Words fail me
To express my worve for thee


This is all rubbish.

But it’s my blog. Go get yours.

O. M.


2 thoughts on “WordPressed

  1. O.M.

    As we first started to read your words, we were concerned that your relationship with WordPress had ventured off into an area of “inappropriateness” shall we say. Which sounds far better than, “Let’s pray for this guy quick!”. But upon reading your entire post, much of which we do agree with, all we can say in “internet-ese” is LOL! LOL! LOL!

    With Love, Cincinnati Christian
    (Cincinnati_christian@yahoo.com or Facebook at Cincinnati Christian Blog)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Olúsèyí

      Hi Cincinnati Christian.

      Thanks a lot. I’ve been off WordPress for a long time. Missed reading wonderful posts like yours. Feeding my spirit now.



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