Letter From My Ex

She wrote me a letter that I couldn’t ignore
As I had ignored her when I walked out the door
There it lay on my bedroom floor
It appeared to be little but I knew there was more

It told of her heartache from my betrayal
How I stabbed her in the back even though she was so loyal
She gazes at the things I left behind, including the sandal
She really can’t imagine that I thought this girl was fairer.

This girl is Lucy Fair
I think my heart just fell
Is it real? I cannot tell
But it feels like I’m in hell

This letter makes me cry as I remember my lady
All the hugs and the kisses and the good times as her baby
She was totally into me and I know I have been shady
But I see hope, cos her letter says “Come Home, my baby”

She’s waiting. She’s waiting
I can’t believe she’s waiting
Even though I broke her heart; I can’t believe she’s waiting

She’s calling, she’s calling
I can’t believe she’s calling
I wiped off all her numbers; I can’t believe she’s calling.

I hold back a sob

I answered the call

I heard her sweet voice

“Come Home, my love”

O. M.


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