The Reproach Of A Nation And The Coming Wrath

Let the people of America beware!

Let the world not turn against God.

Let the people of God call a solemn assembly and pray. Let the people turn from their wicked ways and seek the face of the Lord.

Let the people mourn for the coming wrath is great.

Our God is the great God. The Great One who made all things.

A nation’s sin opens the door for the evil one. He shall slaughter in the thousands and there shall be no reprieve. He shall have his way and even the righteous shall not be spared the mourning and the sorrow.

We must therefore cry out to the one who can save lest He Himself strike us.

Seek peace, ye who believe on the Son of the Most High. Cry out that He might save you.

For the Word is gone out and destruction is set loose. Who may abide the coming wrath that will befall the nation’s?  Who?

Let the reader beware and let the spiritual be discerning.

Let the cry be made abroad. Let it fly from city to city and house to house. Let the people repent and the Lord will forgive.

For His righteousness is a burning fire, consuming to the ends of the earth. His love is just. He shall also save when you call on Him.

Call upon the name of the Lord and be saved.


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