A Love So Great


To live the Christian life is becoming increasingly unique in our society.  All cultures evolve and change over time.  It is natural.  Today we find that the core values of society and Christianity no longer match up as well as they once did.  Currently the pendulum has swung away from ‘religion.’  The prevailing question for us and future Christians is will it swing back towards ‘faith’?

Paul opens his letter to the Ephesians with great words of encouragement.  He reminds them that God chose them as His children long ago.  He reminds them of the grace freely given.  He reminds them of the redemption from sin bought by Christ with His blood.  All of this is true for us as well.

Att times it is hard to live as a Christian in a post-Christian society.  People without faith will question why we choose to not do some things and are…

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