1 Samuel 3: From Boy at God’s House to Man of God

Bobby "The Red Head"

1 Samuel 3.21.nkjv ( read 1 Samuel ch. 3 )

Then the Lord appeared again in Shiloh. For the Lord revealed Himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the word of the Lord.

    Has the Lord ever spoken to you? He has to me. I’m not special or anything, He speaks to me mostly about myself, rarely has He spoken to me about someone else. God wants to hear from us, but, more so than that He wants us to be able to hear from Him. This life with the Lord is a relationship and it shouldn’t be one sided. It should’t be all us talking and all God listening. That is truly a one sided relationship. Can you imagine if our marriages looked like that, or our friendships? They wouldn’t last very long. No, we NEED to learn to listen, not only in our relationship with the Lord, but…

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