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I can get freakishly obsessed with technology. I’m always so fascinated with how we can use mobile phones and stuff like that and how tiny devices can do so so much. Amazing! I can just even blog from my phone. Wait…what’s blog? Yeah.

I’m really fascinated by maps and weather apps. I really don’t get it but often times the predictions are right on point. I just love the efficiency and often correct predictions. And they make my phone look cool. And that’s good in this country because so many people don’t really use their phones well, smart or stupid. So if you use your phone well,  you look like a genius.

Anyway,  all those apps and gadgets are really cool. But none beats this wonderful gadget I’ve got: My Bible.

Best over Android or Windows. Not even Apple can compare. They don’t even try. And it is loaded with all the best versions of all the apps you can ever have. Location finder and maps for the lost. Easy: Jesus is the way. It has grammar apps in Hebrew and English and Greek and Aramaic. Awesome. It has mind reading apps too, for introspection. Spirit searches the heart and reveals it, quite simply.

My best feature however is that lovely weather app. It works like the weather app (or better still, weather apps try to attain its perfection level, though they can never ever…) but does more than tell physical weather. It predicts sociopolitical, spiritual, physical, mental et al weather. Quite the app you may say but reading the Bible grants me access to information that is available but ignored by many.

In light of the recent SCOTUS decision regarding same-sex associations, unions and partnerships, the outcry from Christians has been somewhat appalling. I indeed found some encouraging words from some beautiful Christian writers most of which I shared at the risk of my blog becoming a reblog site.

My country’s laws are against such unions and SCOTUS has no effect on me whatsoever as a Nigerian. But as a Christian,  which is most important, it does affect me a lot. A lot.

Christians, most have approached this issue wrong. I believe that the attitude I’ve seen from most have been rather unChristian in my opinion and shows that we do not read our Bible’s various applications.

1. This world does not belong to you Christians. You have a place already with the Father if you really think it through and it is not here. It is laudable that you want people to conform to your ways but the Bible’s command is for you to not conform to the world. That means the world will never be like you and will never understand why you don’t conform when you don’t conform. The world is always right in its own eyes and Christians are always wrong or traditional or conservative or some other big word meaning you’re archaic.

2. These things must be so and will indeed become worse. The Bible says so. And your yelling and anger will do not a bit if you do not take a cue and lead the life God directs to ensure you save yourself and as many as God grants you to save.

3. You can’t help people by pointing out your beliefs to them and getting angry that they don’t agree with them. You point out God to them.

4. God is love. When you love people who don’t deserve your love, it points out who you follow and they can follow if they desire. It is in the Bible! Plus it reminds you how unworthy you are of the love God now showers on you.

5. It is pride to think you are a whole lot better than homosexuals or lesbians. Look at you,  all your little white lies and deep seated lust and all that. And let’s say you’re so clean and pure and holy and there’s no evil at all in you, and you think you have a right to condemn others,  remember what the Bible says about our righteousness being like filthy rags before Him? Yeah. So that grace that transforms rags to princely robes, you got to share with others. Really.

6. You will not bring everyone to the light. Some will enjoy the darkness and this world calls it civil rights to leave them alone there. We call it love to be there for them always regardless of where they choose to sit. To respect people’s decisions when we reach out to them is a high form of love. To continue to relate well with them after that is even higher. They will never get it.

7. Love and prayers. Keep loving. Keep praying. Keep being Christian the way Christ intended it.

All that said,  believe me there’s more I really want to say.  But know this,  the weather forecast does not favour Christians at all and pretty soon we’ll have no say. We will suffer for these things we believe in. Brace yourself. This is not a stroll in the park. This is peaceful war. Or warfull peace, your choice.

But really,  to the gate community, I love you. But my refusal to agree with your lifestyle should not be deemed to be hate. It is still my civil right to follow my God right?  And to express an opinion when I’m asked to do so, right? Good.

Plus don’t try to get us to twist our ways to accommodate you. You want Jesus. Yes,  but if your lifestyle doesn’t fit in with what He’s telling you,  the problem is with you, not Jesus. We can never be right and Jesus wrong and rather than get Him to change His laws so I can find accommodation,  I can just go form my religion and be at peace. Right?

O. M.


3 thoughts on “Weather Forecast

  1. appliedfaithorg

    Very powerful! Am I correct that you are Yoruba? If so, you live under a daily threat of actual life-and-death Hausa Muslim militant violence. I hope many will take your words to heart. In America there are too many who have reacted so poorly, saying the SCOTUS decision was persecution. In truth, we really don’t know what persecution is. Thanks for a great eye-opener.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Olúsèyí

      Thank you so much. Indeed, I am Yoruba. For now I still live down South where there is relative peace and a form of unity between Christians and Muslims. Hausa muslims pretty much hate every other person. They actually believe Southern muslims are not true muslims. It’s a crazy situation but we trust in God always.

      If we live, we live Christ and to die is gain for we will be with the Father.

      Thanks for the like and the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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