Selfless Transparency


“Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father” – John 14:9

Sometimes we come across a father-son pairing that makes us think we’re seeing double. “Man, that kid is a spitting image of his father!” We see the same features in both of them. Even their mannerisms mirror each other.

In a sense, Jesus is a spitting image of God the Father, except that Jesus wasn’t talking about looks when he said that anyone who’s seen him has seen the Father. I think what he meant was that one sees the character of Father God by observing Jesus. So dedicated was Jesus to honoring his Father that there’s a complete unity of the two. What grieves the Father grieves the Son. The Father’s mission is the Son’s mission.

Jesus is a picture of complete submission to the Father. Jesus had no self-interest. He wanted only what the Father wanted…

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