Scriptural Comfort

This is a rather lovely piece from someone I respect a whole lot, Tayo Fasan. Let your soul be comforted by this.


Beloved of God,


On the unfortunate legalization of Gay marriage across USA last Friday, President Obama said, “Americans should be very proud” and he congratulated Jim Obergefall (the lead counsel in the case) by saying, “Your leadership has changed this country”. Unknown to him, every empire that instituted/legalized gay of a thing, did receive God’s fair share of mercy by being judged. Such empires ultimately fell; from Roman, to Grecian, to Babylonian empire. They gradually disintegrated from within after they incorporated and archived that measure of lust into their library.


Chief Justice John Roberts (one of d 9 Supreme Court judges in the right state of mind) wrote, “the decision had nothing to do with the Constitution”.


So after 46 yrs of fighting “the dirty fight of lust“, the gay rights movement got their “victory” at the expense of posterity. A good question to ask here would be, “How long has the church today, been fighting the good fight of faith?” or what really is the good fight of faith. Paul answered this by saying, that was what he did while following after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. (1Tim. 6:11-12). His good fight of faith was what also enabled him to become a king of Righteousness (2Tim. 4:8), as he was motivated thereby to lay hold on eternal life (i.e. partake of the last/full allocation of divine nature called Love, which would make him a full-fledged priest – Rev. 1:6/5:10). Do we understand the essence of THE FAITH OF THE SON and THE LOVE OF GOD as being our kingly and priestly calling in the church today?


Two millennia after our Lord Jesus undressed and conquered sin, many preachers still don’t  understand sin as they ought, so how then can earthly institutions do? Sin has been mutating both individually and universally and it can only be demystified and accurately interpreted by those who truly are seeking God’s face.


But God has his joker, and some of them would come across this piece. They are a company of saints who are gradually being born again-again (1Pet. 1:23).


Jean Lead prophesied of them in 1679, but they are finally being born individually and corporately!  She said, “They are a prophetic company described as A TABERNACLE OF WISDOM who aren’t known in visibility yet. They were also described by this great vessel of a great God as a “PURE VIRGIN CHURCH” which shall be known and distinguished from all others that are low, false, and counterfeit by certain characteristics and marks that they would bear. The demonstration of the Spirit (1Cor. 2:4) would characterize their  edification and raising. They would bring heaven down upon the earth and represent here the New Jerusalem state (New Creation Souls) – Rev. 21:2-3″


May the lord prevail in preserving us as remnants in this twisted and unfaithful world, and may we be an answer to this prophesy, amen.


LOVING ALL MEN, including President Obama, President Putin, our neighbours (brothers) is a non-negotiable command given by God to all Christians (Jn. 15:12/1Pet. 2:17); a command wch we should not be grievous to us. However, we are called to “believe not every spirit, but try such whether they are OF GOD”. Like David hated God’s enemies (Ps 139:22), we are also encouraged to hate THE SPIRIT OF THE AGE at work in men, not the men they use.


In this day of gross darkness upon d people (as confirmed by mass of people in other nations who took to d streets to celebrate d “Gay Pride victory”), the mystery of iniquity doth work (2Thes. 2:7), but the true light {eternal life} would prevail in our midst and Our flesh would see the salvation of God (Lk 3:6), amen.


Your Brother and servant,


Tayo Fasan

O. M.


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