Why Upholding Traditional Marriage Isn’t Hateful or Bigoted


The reactions of my friends to the news of the Supreme Court’s ruling for same-sex marriage were pretty cut down the middle, both sides firmly standing their ground in their approval or disapproval of the news about the governmental acceptance of marriage equality. As a friend to several members of the LGBT community and also a devout Christian, I had no idea what I should say or if I should say anything. Then I saw this post in my feed from a friend:


For the most part, I got what they were saying, and even agreed that we all should be treated with “equality, respect, and happiness” and like the “PEOPLE” we all are. What really rubbed me the wrong way was what they said about “bringing religion into this JUST to make an argument, just to have something to use to hate the ‘gays’.”  While I acknowledge that there are…

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