Chapter 3: How Thirsty Am I?


With a lot of noise in the world, it is too easy to lose sight of God. And I believe this not because many people claim so but largely because I experienced this myself.

I sometimes have a hard time focusing my attention to my alone time with God. Some of the things that clamor my attention include my work, Internet and all other interests. Sometimes, I have all my pen, notebook and Bible ready but I still find myself doing other things outside of the alone time.

Other times, I would find myself talking to God and remembering something and I’d rush to do that errand and leave God.

Communication with God

Since I am mostly alone in my house, I often find myself constantly talking to God about my woes, my pain, my plans, the things I am happy about and my concerns.

Some of my one-liner, constant Whispers to…

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