Second chance

Zoe Been


I’ve been struggling lately with the inescapability of my sin. No matter how hard I try to flee my selfishness, my pride, my anger and impatience, I never seem to get far. Feeling discouraged, tears poured down my face as I sang (or tried to sing – I wasn’t born with great vocal chords) Amazing Grace this past Sunday at church. Since then, the Lord has been weaving a story through my discouragement that has me weeping for an entirely different reason.

The prologue to the story begins in an imaginary world, very different from this one. Imagine for a second, a world where you have no struggles, internal or external. Imagine you have never struggled with feelings of worthlessness, never battled with your weight or your finances, never experienced marital discord or a relationship broken by sin. Others around you may experience these struggles but in this world, you…

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