This Morning

I will not apologise for being a chronic reblogger. At least not on this blog.

This blog is mine and I am the number one fan here. I like to read my blog. It is mine. And when I find an awesome post, I will put it right here so I can read it. 😀

Anyway, I really do hope you all like the reblogs. They are awesome and I just get blessed by them. The awesome writers of the posts I see regularly have been a blessing and I love them all. I believe I’m not on WordPress to write well or impress anyone but to share the light and the truth of God and His Word. I have been blessed. I also believe when I find a post that reflects that, I ought to share. Plus I love a good laugh so jokes come into the picture too. And nice motivational posts are always welcome. So I share a lot. In fact, call me Olúsèyí Sharer, The Reblogger, from this day. Thank you.

And yes, this morning I want to wish Tosin Short a happy birthday. Yesterday was her birthday.



No way. That is just so wrong. Social media has taken away so many things from us and we are all becoming sort of emotionally and physically distant in the illusion of social media connect.

I mean, what does that gibberish mean if not gibberish. We do that and we are all feeling okay. Add her picture as DP and we’re home.

What happened to the phone calls and home visits and the birthday parties and all that?

I couldn’t take it anymore and though I left it late, it was better off. The long call to Bayelsa did me good and I heaved a heavy sigh of relief after it all, satisfied.

But really, this social media yoke…hmm.

I reserve my comments.

Happy Birthday Tosin Short. I can never forget that plate of rice and stew back in 2013. In a period of serious austerity measures (after exams), I was so hungry and broke and you just dug in and prepared that for me. No questions asked. You became my sister that day! You’ve done more over the years but that…that was just love. Classic, and it still stands out in my mind.

God bless you plenty plenty.



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