May I Never Lose The Wonder

Francis Chan’s second session talk at Passion 2015 Houston is still resonating in my mind. Oh the wonder of God.

We live in a wonderful time nowadays and the seeming wonders of those times have appeared relaxed. Because God displayed how lovesick He is for us, we have entered the belief that He is less awesome or less wondrous or less terrible.

And then we take the presence of the Lord with levity because of the free access we have in the blood of Jesus. Or even worse, we lost the wonder of God and got engrossed in the world.

Exodus 19 really just puts so much in perspective to me and I now realise that I have no idea the wonder of God. We do not make time for Him anymore. We cannot worship till we are in church with loud music and a famous musician is leading. Spinach. Frank Edwards. I dunno.

This is me, because I just figure there is never enough time to talk to Him during my busy day but I can spend time looking for what someone has said about Him. I mean that is good but, the tent of meeting is just right there. God has opened up access to His presence to me. Me! Every time I come there, I have His full attention. Just like Moses did. And He wants that glory all over me like Moses carried back in that.

I have got to consider it myself. Not just what Pastor Mike or Pastor Chris or Rev Kay tells me. Its what He tells me. He wants to always have me and what do I do with that invitation?

The wonder of being alone with my God cannot be lost on me. God, may I never lose the wonder. The wonder of the glory, of the love, of the passion and compassion, of the fire and the Spirit, of the throne, the life and of all things eternal. All things He wants to share with me…to make me know He just wants me and me alone. Alone with Him. In Him alone.

I want you back God. May I never lose the wonder. May I never trade You for the world or anything.

Let that wonder never cease. Let it captivate my heart that I may jump up that mountain of You, into that tent of meeting, into Your presence.

Help me to be self-controlled and sober minded for the sake of my prayers, my meeting with you. Let the dream of the world fade way in the heat of the reality of You.

May I never lose the wonder.


One thought on “May I Never Lose The Wonder

  1. Olúsèyí

    Reblogged this on OLÚSÈYÍ and commented:

    Just saw this again today. I still want this so much Lord, to be focused on you alone.

    It’s harder now, especially in recent times. But I still want this.


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