Kids Helping Kids: Free the Children

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Inspired by the brave acts of a twelve-year-old boy from Pakistan, seventh grader Craig Kielburger and his brother Marc created Free the Children, an organization where children could help end child slavery around the world.

At four years old, Iqbal Masih was sold into slavery by his father at a carpet factory in his native Pakistan for the princely sum of $12.


There, he crouched in constant darkness in a windowless room, using his tiny hands to tie knots, over and over, twelve hours at a time, until his fingers were raw and blistered and bloody.

When he finally escaped from the factory at age ten, he was frail and wizened, scarcely larger than the four-year-old he’d been. He’d never gone to school, never kicked a ball or played outside on a sunny day. Iqbal had been robbed of his childhood – but he didn’t want other children to share…

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