Its May 29!


I have never been this excited about May 29. And believe me, I didn’t become more patriotic by choice. It is more of a spiritual work.

God has the ability to make you understand that He didn’t put you in your country to be no more than a spectator, distanced and detached from the greatness of your country.

Today, I am proud to be Nigerian. I know the country does not have the best of reputations anywhere in the world. But the positivity within me that God is set to do wondrous works in Nigeria that will take the world by storm is ever increasing daily. Matter of fact, there is going to be a big move, physical and spiritual (spiritual leading the physical of course) that will emanate from this country and spread to other countries and indeed the world.

I have gone out early this morning to get little fuel and I have set up camp in front of the TV. Too sad I’m not with my family today.

It feels like a day we should all be with family and eat turkey at the table…Thanksgiving style. In fact, we should make this the Nigerian Thanksgiving. I mean, look at what we’ve been through as a nation and for the first time ever we had a relatively peaceful election period right from the campaigns till the Jegalised elections results announcement. Today should be a day of great thanks to the great God.

Gosh! I’m excited! Thank you God.

May God lead us from here on to the greatness that is Nigeria and the excellency that is Nigerian.

Long live the President, Mr Muhammadu Buhari.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


P.S.: To all those people who prophesied doom on Nigeria, thank you. There is only one God and you’re not Him. Esé gidi gan*.

Plus, hearty cheers to the Chairman, Board of Trustees of The Destiny Trust and the Vice-President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo GCON SAN. A call to serve it is for you. May God grant you great grace for the task ahead.
Esé gidi gan = Thank you very much


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