Nigerian Christians, Awake!


For this young Christian Nigerian citizen, it has really been an awful week or two weeks. Three weeks or four, maybe. Anyway the Nigerian situation hasn’t changed much. The country is in a real mess and we daresay something must happen. I mean, just trying to charge my phone has led me to points of stupidity, even removing it and placing it in sunlight. Don’t laugh, but when black market becomes the only market for petroleum products, wahala dey*.

I have always said it, and will ring it again, that our many sins as a nation has more than contributed to this degrading situation. Add this to it: the generality of Nigerians are a selfish lot. We think of ourselves too much, looking out only to grab what’s best for ourselves and our padis*. Absolutely selfish in everything.

But I’m not going about that today. Its just good to have access to WordPress again and reblogging my favourite posts, albeit for a short while.

Nigerians, this too shall pass. Christians must understand that when national issues come up, our first recourse should not be endless and sometimes mindless Twitter and Facebook discourses. Our first recourse should be to God, making supplications to Him through Christ, for the healing of our nation.

In fact, so much premium is placed on praying for the nation and leaders at all level, in Scripture. See Paul’s word to Timothy in 1 Timothy 2:1-6. I firmly believe it to mean that the peace of our land depends on our prayers for people and the leaders of Nigeria.

What good is it if we prosper and our nation goes down the drain? What then is the use of us in this great nations, we Christians, if our economy and financial situations and petroleum and bla bla, are in the hands of frail men walking in the nature of the flesh? Can we be content with just folding our hands and minding our spiritual business?

No. No and no and no.

Let us awake and pray for Nigeria. Let us hand our leaders over to God’s mighty hand and grace, for even our sakes, and our peace and safety in this land. Let our most issues not be mere subjects of debates and common room talk, but let us see them as a call to prayerful, spiritual action.

May God help us all and may the Lord prosper the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and guide our leaders onto the right path. May He ultimately do that which is good for our country.


Find fuel everyone to pray for Nigeria.

I mean, find grace!


wahala dey = Nigerian creole slang meaning “there is trouble”
padis = somewhat affectionate term for close friends and associates


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