Dear Dare

How are you son?

I will hit straight and on point. Do not ever lie. I really wish I could see that “Christian” youth pastor of yours and give him a Christian smack across the face, God help and forgive me. He can’t tell you its okay to lie. He cannot.

The notion of coloured lies and all that is not strange though. I understand why people want to paint lies in shades of grey, black or white or whatever. And I know why they go further to say some lies are small and okay and others are big and unokay. Strange colours and strange sizes too.

And this is why:

People get scared!

Oh yes. We lie because we are afraid of the consequences of the truth. We do something and we do not want people to find out because we are scared of the consequences. I know you know that feeling. Let’s not talk about how many times you’ve…never mind.

Anyway, some philosophical Yorùbá person will tell you that any lie that goes for years will be finally overtaken by the truth. Yeah yeah whatever. That’s good.

But you’re a Christian now. Your first identity is as a child of God. And that is the paradigm you must always operate from. Paradigm means perspective. Perspective is your understanding of circumstances. And even that means…oh forget it. Get a dictionary.

This is my position by God’s grace:

A lie is a slap on God’s face.

When we lie, its either we are trying to improve our lot and position, change our circumstances or save our skins. In essence we are trying to change things and make our way. We.

It is practically telling God that He is incapable of helping out or actually making situations work for our good in the long run. Not only that, it shows the greatness of fear in our lives when we lie. Cowards lie. But Scripture says we do not have the spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. Lying is from fear.

Don’t get me wrong. God does not hate liars. God hates lies. That’s saying God loves people by t hates their sins, you follow? And so we love liars too, but hate lies. Essentially, don’t condemn people for lying because saying the truth actually requires great courage. And their inability to operate outside fear means there’s more God will still work on in their lives. We should love them, correct them when we can, and pray for them. We should not encourage them or comfort them by compromising the standards of our faith. That’s it.

Learn from this: Apostle Paul lived in a time when being a Christian was hard and illegal. That meant constant trouble and it would have been understandable to deny being a Christian and avoid being fed to lions or imprisoned or crucified or maimed or burnt or…you get the point. But he didn’t lie. Instead, he declared boldly the Gospel and told whoever cared that he was unashamed of Christ and the Gospel. Isn’t that awesome?

He was beheaded sometime later. But he left more than a mark.

If you are proud of something, talk about it and be truthful. Don’t try to be cool and go with the flow. And if you are ashamed about something, tell the truth. You’ll come out stronger and the guilt will leave by His grace.

Please don’t lie.

By the way, I got the picture of those nice gloves. Your comment is funny though, saying it makes you look like Kanu Nwankwo in the winter at Portsmouth. You think too highly of yourself. You are in Nigeria son and I don’t want to tell you the people who wear gloves in Lagos, but you know them already, don’t you? :p

Your Uncle.


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