Dear Dare


I cannot tell you so many things yet but your last letter requires some basic answers at least. I trust the Lord to bring you to a higher place of knowledge of Him every day.

I am grateful for your last letter. The previous ones only contained requests for money. Nothing on your new spiritual walk. I was worried. I even thought maybe you were making good use of me to activity your “ask and it shall be given unto you” faith lifestyle. But I am glad for your explanation. School work can be tedious at times, especially when a young promising lad like you becomes a Christian. But God is faithful and He will work out ways to thwart the devil’s attempts at keeping you too busy for God.

Concerning the issue of being God’s righteousness, I can tell you that I was in the same confused state at the time I first heard it. And the real reason was simply because I could not fathom how a high character of God could be attributed to me. It simply gets you feeling like the whole idea is a complete joke.

Even when wisdom came at the time, and I grasped it, it was hectic teaching the doctrine because so many people were unprepared for it. The really logical Christians and the legalistic guys of the personal holiness and righteousness movements felt like a was preaching heresies. Only one could boldly approach me on the matter though, and he concluded I was going crazy or something.

Anyway, here’s the deal. There is a part of Scriptures that says that even our righteousness is as filthy rags before the Lord. What that implies to me is that even at our very best behaviour, we are unfit before God. Even though the purpose of the law at the time was to bring people closer to God, it instead created a bunch of self-righteous people who competed with one another on who best kept the law and on who was more righteous by the law. Rather than abolish the concept of self, it improved it, in a way. And that negates the principle of the beatitudes. Okay, let me not get too much into that so you don’t recoil.

Keeping the letter of the law is nothing when the spirit or purpose of the law is not kept or understood. The commandments are purposed for the getting and showing of love. Love to God. Love to man. Love from a pure heart. And because of that understanding, a man is supposed to be closer to God and grow in love. And the Bible tells us God is love. That means getting love is getting God. You become more like Him!

When people failed to understand the love behind the law (they were not growing in love; they were lawing without loving) God brought His Son Jesus to show us what love is. Throughout His life time, Jesus kept the law in its totality because He walked in love, the spirit behind the law. He didn’t have to worry about following all the prescriptions of the law because walking according to the purpose of the law made him above the law, literally. His love became His obedience. To obey is to love and to love is to obey. Jesus showed that in His lifestyle and that is why the Bible says that when we believe, a measure of love is given to us by God through the Holy Spirit so we can begin to function as Christ did.

When Jesus returned to the Father, He took our case along because dying for us gave him that right, and said “Dad, these are my friends. I bring them to you”. And God saw us through is Son and that is our imputed righteousness.

It is like this: Remember the time you took N500 from my room without permission and my great annoyance at your presumptuous and selfish attitude in doing that, you did not have the courage to face me. You lived in perpetual fear. There was even that time you fell on the staircase when you hears my voice and you tried to flee. Very funny.

But then your brother came to beg on your behalf. He brought you into my room and I couldn’t send you out. Not because of you but because of your brother. You brother was right with me and you enjoyed his righteousness before me. By reason of his righteousness, I decided to apply same to you. I viewed you in the light of your brother and gave you a chance to become like him.

So God views us in the light of His Son Jesus, and gives us a righteousness in Him so we can appear before His own throne and always receive mercy when we need it. That, son, is grace. GRACE.

So believe it. Scripture says you are God’s righteousness in Christ Jesus, not because you deserved it, but because Christ believes in you and your potential to live like Him. And God, who loves Christ, loves you too, because Christ loves you and you believe in Christ. And He is willing to accept you as you are for Christ’s sake so you can then live like Christ.

Okay. Read the last paragraph again, s l o w l y. That ought to do it. 😀

Now, there is this wonderful brown leather jacket I can’t find in my wardrobe anymore. I have searched everywhere for it. Imagine how surprised I am to find one that looks just like it on your body, in that picture on your BBM DP! I believe I will be getting an explanation soon, right?

Your Uncle,


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