What Faith Isn’t

Madamsabi's Blog

Someone  fell into a pit and was hanging on to a branch, which was holding him from falling all the way down. In his fear, he cried out for someone to help him.


He heard a voice call out to him. Excitedly, he asked, ‘who’s there?’. The voice answered, ‘It’s me God’. He was very happy! ‘Oh thank you God, if anyone can help me, it’s You!’ ‘Ok my son’ God replied. ‘Let go of the branch’. ‘Let go of the branch?’

He asked incredulously. ‘Yes son, let it go’. He looked down and saw a never-ending black hole. ‘Help,’ he cried. ‘Is there anyone else up there?”

Sadly, this is what most of us do. We pray to God and then begin to look for alternatives

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