Proverbs 30 – Wise Sayings from a Stupid Man

In Christ Alone Devotions

Proverbs 30Out of all the chapters in Proverbs, I have found this one the most intriguing. When one thinks of a proverb, they usually think of some wise saying that was written by a wise man. However, the author of this chapter is the first to tell you that he is not very smart:

“Surely I am more stupid than any man, and do not have the understanding of a man” Proverbs 30:2

How is it that the self-proclaimed “most stupid man” has written a whole chapter of wisdom? It is through his ignorance that he has learned the most important things in life. As you continue to read the chapter, you will notice that he has looked to the most simple things in life, such as nature, to learn the most valuable lessons in life.

Through his ignorance, he has learned to not rely on his own brainpower (or lack…

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