Where we come from, sheep are part of the community and its livelihood.  They aren’t especially beautiful animals and they tend to wander a lot.  When they stray, they often get lost, because they don’t have a strong sense of direction.  Shepherds spend their lives with their sheep.  They are prized possessions to them, because each one has been purchased by the shepherd himself.

Did you know that sheep need to be lifted up when they fall on their backs?  They can’t get up by themselves.  They must be sheared for their own good as well.  Their wool often weighs them down and becomes infested with bug, not to mention it gets dirty.

Shepherds carry a staff to protect their animals.  With one end they fend off any predators – with the other they can grab any of the flock that decides to go his own way.   They really need someone to be with them…

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